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  • Birthday 12/24/1961

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  • My favorite Christmas story
    When I setup my Mega Tree for the first time. I and the wife just stared at it for hours.
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    Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA
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    A grandpa that enjoys living his family
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    Motorcycles, computers and anything Christmas
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    Customer Service
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    I have a 21' mega tree, four 10 footers and over 100 Blow molds.

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About Me

I am a grandfather of two awesome kids. I was lucky enough to get one of each. They have just gotten to the play full age of four and three. I decorate my yard every year for them with Blow Molds and a 20 foot mega tree and four 9 foot smaller mega tress. LOL!!!!

They love the manger the best because the figures are about as big as them and of course Mickey and Mini.

As the years go by I just grow slowly with the Blow Molds and LED's.


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