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  1. I keep mine above my in-laws garage where the temperature is basicaaly the same as outside. Never any issues. Tips I have followed. Never stack where weight will bend the blowmold from heat. Never lay down the big ones. Stand, stand, stand Never use sand in a blowmold. It will destroy the Blowmold VERY fast. Where ever you store make sure air does flow. Keep mouse traps out if the danger is there. They will nest and same for wasps. The biggest thing that destroys them is dampness and direct sunlight. Most of mine are from Craigslist and were stored in a garage or basement. Its fun and learn wiring. I have had to rewire a lot of them because of age. I use mostly CFLs in mine because a 13watt cfl has the same lumens as a 60 watt bulb and so on I am up to 100 this year and I have quiet a few originals that were made in the sixties. :-)
  2. I take the small rock you add to cement and put it in ziplock bags filled about half way. I then take out the light and slowly shake the bag with the rock in it so it falls in. Depending on the size it can take up to six. They do stay in place here in MA. I also add bricks from the bottom if they fit. Thats easier and three to four do the trick. Good luck!!!!!
  3. If they are C7 retro fits make sure the center contact is high enough to reach the bulb. Also, a bulb has two points of contact... make sure they are nice and shiny... any corrosion will block the current.
  4. Seek a professional. It will save your sanity along with your valuables. This is one part of creating a beautiful display where you need the professionals. Plus...they might be able to get you more power from a better subpanel in your garage.
  5. Yup.... I use Citrus stripper from Home Depot. Smells nice. Then Krylon Fusion.
  6. Try this... http://www.planetchristmas.com/blow-molds/
  7. You are 100% correct. My apologies for not catching that.
  8. I painted mine to look like a candy cane. Nice red swirl all the way up and my light strings are green. Looks awesome.
  9. I use CFL's for the big guys and 4w c7's for the little. FYI..... 10w CFL puts out the same lumen as a 40 w bulb and a 13 w is like a 60 w bulb. Saves tones and no problems in the cold. About the peeling???? Never seen it and I have a set of carolers that are made from BECO, Snowmen made from Santa's Best and I can't even count the Empire. Trick to keeping them decent is to store them in some sort of shelter when not in use. Preferably someplace that breaths. I use the top of a garage.
  10. Check out your local Sam's club etc. I just picked up GE 13W CFL's that were on special for $2.98 for 8 bulbs. They are usually right around $14 for eight. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/ge-energy-smart-13-watt-light-bulbs-8-pk/164478.ip?navAction=
  11. I do the same as "gmac" . I have four trees here in MA. and have no problems. My top pieces are the inverted toilet bowl flang with wall board hooks and my bottom is 1/2" sprinkler pipe. If you send me your email by PM I'll send ya a pic.
  12. I use CFL's for my big ones and my small guys get 25w. The ones that use a c-7 I use the 4w instead of 5 or 7. Good luck and have fun. Remember there is no right or wrong its just using your imagination :-)
  13. I have used this, Citristrip with no problems and smells good too http://www.homedepot.com/p/Citristrip-1-2-gal-Safer-Paint-and-Varnish-Stripping-Gel-HCG73803T/100141801#.UknJVVOmXjI
  14. Something to ponder http://ebscohost.com/careers We also have offices around the world http://www2.ebsco.com/en-us/Offices/Pages/index.aspx You never know????
  15. I have repaired a couple all ready and have used the Fusion as well as model paint. Both work well and light up the mold when you are painting, its the best way if you can. I did it first without the light and boy did I miss some spots. :-) Never brush unless you know light will not go through that part or you will see the strokes. Go slow, give the paint time to dry, and go thin coats. Oh yeah... rubbing it down with alcohol before you paint is a good thing too. Takes a lot of the crud off. Rememeber paint doesn't like the oil from your skin. Have fun and rememeber if you screw up you can just take the paint of with stripper. I use the stuff that smells like oranges.
  16. If you put the sand in a ziploc bag you won't have to worry about mud. I use small garden rocks and ziplock bags. I like the Simpson Strong-Tie straps idea. Gonna have to remember that one.
  17. Your Welcome and thank you for the tips. I have tried different methods and since this Santa looks so awesome I had to ask. Thank you again!!!
  18. I use any one of these methods or a combination. * Small garden rocks in Ziploc Freezer bags. Just fill bag enough so it slips through light hole in back. Usually takes about four to five bags. * PVC or conduit pipe banged a foot in the ground and slide mold over it. I also add weight in the mold for better stability. Usually a two feet section is good. * Same as above but this time I either zip tie the mold to the pipe or I have heard others using aluminium wire. Pole has to be size of mold after a foot in ground * I made stands for my soldiers and screwed them to the stand. How to make stand: Take a piece of plywood and cut it to 12" x 12", put soldier in middle, then take a foot long piece of 1x2 lay it against the soldier so it is flat and mark it on the piece of plywood, take soldier off of stand, wood glue 1x2 to 12"x 12" plywood and add a sheet rock screw through bottom. If you have many like I did I took all measurements so all I had to do was mark each piece. For added stability I drilled two holes through the plywood so I could slip tent stakes through the holes into the ground. Get the tent stakes that look like big nails. I found them at Harbor Freight. One screw through bottom into mold and one through 1x2 into mold. Don't forget to paint the stands. When I painted mine the 1x2 was glued and screwed first. I used the cheapest black paint I could find. One gallon painted 25 stands twice. Hope this helps you. Oh yeah forgot one. I use bricks inside too. I have some molds that a brick slips in nicely. I got one snowman with four bricks. :-) Have yet to have any fall over in the New England winters.
  19. What kind of paint did you use? I have some I want to airbrush but I just don't know what paint to buy and this resto looks better than new :-) Oh Yeah!!! The lamp santa is holding... I have the same lamp post and repainted it the same colors you have there. At the time I restored it I used paint from cans that you would use to paint models with.
  20. I bought a bag of small garden rocks, filled Ziploc Freezer Bags and slide them through the holes. I use about 5 bags per mold. Remind you now mine are in a manger so the wind does not hit them full force. For my bigger ones I use the freezer bag trick or bricks which ever fits. Another thing I do to help for the wind is slide the mold over a pole because a lot of molds have holes in the bottom. You have to have rocks in them if you slide them over a pole. Found out the hard way :-) I just measure the hole and go and by the PVC or electric conduit that fits. Whichever you prefer. I always use more than one method when I set them out... I also tie them down too like you have in your pic but I make sure they have weight in them to.
  21. I got the same Santa last year for $25 and I live in MA. Nice find.... I love mine after I filled zip lock bags with rocks and filled his bottom. LOL!!!
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