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  1. First off, sorry for the topic title.lol. When Im in a time crunch and having problems, I kinda flip out. Anyway, I did get one of the controllers working. The other one still wont show up in the HU. Its still getting the outgoing signal so I'll still be able to operate the show. thanks Mark
  2. Ive got everything hooked up and Im running out of time to get sequencing done. All of my PC units(LOR) are working fine, but for the first time im using 3 of the LOR DC controllers. 1 of them is working fine, the second one is recognized in the Hardware utility but when I try to test the channels I get nothing and on the 3rd controller, I cant get the Hardware utility to recognize the unit. As far as the 3rd controller, I hooked the cat5 directly from pc to the controller. I got a solid light so thats good. I set the dials in the box to the correct number. My max unit ID is right. But the HU still wont find it. Any ideas. Unit number 2 is just as strange. I tested all the lights on the power supply prior to hooking up to dc controller and they were fine. When I go to the HU it does recognize unit but none of the channels come on. I really hope someone can help. Im losin it over here.
  3. I looked him up and it seems most of his songs are parody. I was hoping to find an original Christmas song with an original rock artists background music, Like the above song Spiraling did. (with The Who)
  4. Does anyone know if there are any other songs similar to Spiralings "Do You Hear What I Hear"? I love how it has music by The Who, playing with a Christmas song. To have another Christmas song with a "rock" background would be great. Anyone have some suggestions?
  5. I could post a daytime pic, but you wouldnt see them. If you stand at the end of my driveway, which is about 20-25ft, you cant see them. If you look really close I suppose you could. So far Ive asked 3-4 people to look for them and they had no idea they were there. And yes I have finished putting them up. I used a 3" spacing and then just drilled a pilot hole on the face of the strip and screwed it directly to the house. The only thing you need to be carful with is the hole size for the node. If you just drill a hole big enough for the node to fit in, it will not fit snug because of the tappered shape of the node. It would slip all the way through the hole. I drilled a small hole on one side and then used a tapered "metal" drill bit to drill through the opposite side. This way the bulb would stick out when I pushed it in, but not go all the way through. Then I siliconed the wired side to not only lock it in place but also to keep moisture out of the node. Although I dont think moisture will ever be an issue since they are under the roofline. I checked them one time after a day long, hard rain and the nodes and plastic strip were completely dry.
  6. Well can you explain how thats done? Is it on S3? Where?
  7. Im not on the computer that has the LOR software but when youre doing colors other than red green or blue, dont you just turn on specific colors at a certain intensity to get various colors? Like red green and blue at 100% is white. So I thought that like red at 50% and green at 50% would be a particular color. I guess Im not understanding how it works. Can someone elaborate on how exactly to do it. Do you do it through the intensity tool?
  8. This is the first year Ive used RGB nodes. Im using the non intelligent type. Does anyone know what percentages of Red, Green or Blue you use to get the color orange? Is there a chart somewhere that shows what to use to get other colors?
  9. Started applying hardener to 9ft foam candy canes today. Should be ready to sand and paint this weekend! candy cane 2.bmp candy cane.bmp
  10. The nodes are non intelligent, so I cant make them chase, etc. Im using a LOR dc controller and 150w power supply. Got all of it from Ray Wu. As far as the U channel, I got it at home depot. Its located where they sell lattice. Evidently grey isnt a popular color because its on clearance $2 instead of $7, for an 8ft piece.
  11. First test was amazing. Tested out 6-7 colors and all were very bright. Love it!!
  12. Still have quite a few left to do, but here are some pics of the progress. Im using the composite "U" channel strips, that are used as a channel for lattice. They worked out perfect.
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