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  1. I added on mine a 4" cleanout fitting at the bottom so I can unscrew the cover and reach in to get the money.
  2. Our 1st year collecting as well, we are just above $200, I was thinking that was not bad. Traffic has been pretty good, the show has been down a couple of nights due to rain and we went live around Dec 3rd.
  3. I had to steal your idea, I don't think mine does justice to yours but it turned out pretty good. Will post pics when I can.
  4. A buddy has my old unit that I modified with a headphone jack to plug in a transmitter. He went to turn on tonight and has very little sound out of the speaker, he plugged in his whole house transmitter, I dont know if it worked prior to plugging that in or not. Anyone have issues with the sound output on one of these? Is there any hope to fix it?
  5. How is it secured? A pipe in the ground and threaded onto the pipe stand?
  6. I love this! Does it collect in the pipe? How easy is it to empty out?
  7. That's awesome! Programming looks very good, I am planning to do that song also but I cut the song down to 2 mins. How many channels?
  8. I am pretty close, couple things to plug in and still test my controllers. I still have a little programming I want to do but I'm going racing this weekend so ill turn them on this week sometime!
  9. Yeah Bill, yours was pretty crazy Saturday night when I was there, but that is probably normal for your house!
  10. So I guess we will be staying the nightnew over near cape Canaveral, so something near there would be nice.
  11. Thanks, I changed it but it isnt showing up
  12. I hate forgetting how to change stuff, where do I get the LOR signatures? I need to change to 144 channels
  13. If the cape is cape canaveral then the cape is where we are leaving from.
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