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    One particular year our Dad warned us kids that we had better not wake our parents before 5am on Christmas morning. So,starting at 0430 hrs.,the three of us camped out in front of Mom and Dad's bedroom door and at exactly 0501am--we knocked. What could Dad say--we followed the rules!
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    Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
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    Retired police officer,married with two teen boys. And a certified,gold card-carrying Christmas nut.
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    Health and fitness,sports
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    Retired L.E.O.
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    Priest Family Christmas is a blend of static and synchronized Christmas lights,including wireframes and wood patterns. Currently running 130 LOR channels.I have no idea how many lights I have,but it's a lot!

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  1. Happy New Year friends! This year I want to add C6 lights to my garage roof(vertically)which features two converging roof lines.My question is this: how to secure nice straight lines without stapling? The valleys are not exposed flashing,but rather are shingled-over-which I think makes the task more difficult.Many thanx!
  2. I'm fairly certain that the new song/sequence added to my 2020 show has a glitch,but don't know where to start. A friend wrote the sequences for me a nd he is unsure what the problem is. So,is there a method to trouble-shoot?
  3. I received a commitment from Christmas Done Bright this morning for door prizes.

  4. Do you have pix and brief description of how to build the topper for your North Pole column?

    1. scottblakeman35


      The light for the top is a C7 light socket that I took out of a old ceiling fan that the fan didn't work anymore.  It had the base and a mounting bracket so it made it real easy to attach to the PVC.  The globes I got from Home Depot.

  5. Howdy Frank, I have a question that I'm sure you can answer: I want to add some pixels to my show this year. Specifically, I want to flash messages, introduce each song in my play list, and have images showing during the songs such as snowflakes, elves,etc. So, LOR has their own package deal now, but I really don't know where to start. Can you help bring me in to the light? Also, would I use smart pixels or dumb, or something else?

  6. Thanks again ZMan and MM, whatever the cause might be, it's almost certainly not weather related. Snow around here is about as rare as an honest politician.
  7. Thanks ZMan. I had already resigned myself to canning these lights; but, had hoped for a small miracle just the same. The issue that bothers me is the manufacturers claim a lifespan of many years when compared to incan.'s; but, I've found the opposite to be true.
  8. Thanks for the responses everyone. Yes, these lights are the commercial quality, sealed C6 bulbs.
  9. As I was taking down my Christmas show, I noticed that one half of a 100 ct. C6 LED string was no longer lit. What is really puzzling is the unlit end is the lead--attached to the male plug. Half way up and past the resistor, the lights work just fine. So--what gives? BTW--these are pro quality lights and only five years old.
  10. Over?! It's not over until we say it's over!
  11. Merry Christmas to all of our friends in the Old Dominion---the 757,703,804,etc...!!
  12. Thanks for the responses to my query everyone. I've tried all of the usual retailers and Dept 56; but, this particular unit is no longer sold. So, I was wondering if there was a site that specialized in retired merchandise.
  13. I am desperately trying to find a Dept 56 AC adapter, which is no longer in production, according to the company. Does anyone know of a source?
  14. Merry Christmas everyone; while I am a long-time PC member,I have never posted a question on this particular group. Well, I have one now.I have a Dept 56 Charlie Brown Christmas set with a battery pack only and would like to save the batteries by using an electrical adapter.The part number is Adapter56-52256. Problem is I can't find it anywhere and Dept 56 doesn't make it anymore.So--does anyone here have a source where I can find this unit?
  15. How did you folks get your BlissLights to work? Mine is pretty much useless!
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