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    I love Christmas Lights.
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    2009 will include 64 Channels of LOR and 60,000+ Lights w/some Static stuff mixed in.
  1. Jacob. I just sent you an email. Looking forward to speaking. Thanks. Brandon
  2. where do i download the excel sheet to order? thanks
  3. Any luck on a video showing the different White's vs Indys? Thanks. Brandon
  4. TED...any LED's in your WalMarts? Im needing white and red c4 Teardrops or 60ct Minis.
  5. I may have 14-16 boxes of White on White Wire from Target a few years ago. New Still in the box.
  6. Hey Gang. Happy Holidays. I was trying to look thru my old posts but couldnt find it. There was a video by one of our members last year. They had created a giant animated santa face out of rope light. The Face covered the front porch while the hat was laying up the roof. Anyone have that video or know of that display? Thanks. Brandon
  7. Hey gang. Sorry I've not been paying attention. Still living in Antioch/Smyrna in October Woods. We have been working on a few new items for this year. Will be our 6 year in a row with a completely different display. The fun continues. Looking forward to seeing everyone's displays this year.
  8. Thank You Darlene. Does anyone know how he constructed it using PVC? Pictures, layout, etc? Thanks in advance. Brandon
  9. Hey Gang. Has anyone attempted the Weber Pinwheel Snowman? I'm thinking about attempting this year but would love a little insight in the pvc build. Any help would be much appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/user/theweber300#p/u/28/IOLKMs-uyn8 Thanks.
  10. Does anyone or can you put replaceable LED Bulbs in Blow Molds with the wires and sockets that originally come in the Molds? If so, where can I get them? Looking to save as much energy as possible in my 6 Candles. Thanks in advance.
  11. The Clear Minis and the Green Minis from Target are gone. I still have the 50ct Red Minis from WalMart and the Green Minis from WalMart. Thanks
  12. I was going through all my stash and found I have some sets of Brand New, In The Box Minis I need to part with. Please let me know if you are interested. 39 Boxes - Clear Mini 100ct on Green Wire from Lowes - $1.75 Shipped per (one set is out of the box) 6 Boxes - Green Mini 100ct on Green Wire from WalMart - $1.75 Shipped per 6 Boxes - Red Mini 50ct on Green Wire from WalMart - $1.00 Shipped per 10 Boxes - Green Mini 100ct on Green Wire from Target Phillips Brand - $2.25 Shipped per ----- Also...I have approx 11-12 USED (for 1 Season) strands of Multi LED C9 Strands from Home Depo
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