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  1. I have numerous wooden spools from a electrical company. Each one for the various snakes of extension cords to various effects. Then I have spools for bulk 100, 50, 25 foot extension cords. Had a welder friend make me a steel holder strong enough to hold 10 spools at a time. It really makes it easy each year. I will lay out the snaked cords first, connect to each element, mega tree, shooting stars, etc. and at the end of the season, plug cords end to end and wind up. With 3 miles of cords, your arms get a work out putting them away, however, it sure is easy setting up. Plus they stack easy.
  2. edge


    A F4 tornado came within 1 block of my home this past year, 2010. Well over 1100 homes hit in a town of 4200 people. Over 100 million worth of damage. My prayers for you all too.
  3. nice job - did you use red and white lights on the large candy canes?
  4. I would contact LOR directly or post the question on their Forum. I have little experience with their software, most on this board know 100 times more than I do about sequencing. Sorry, but I hope that helps by geting you to the answers. Craig

  5. I thank you for your assistance & suggestions. Cordially, Edge
  6. I understand the rule of three, however, how do you warp very large trees that are over 50 feet tall and very wide with thousands of lights? Extension cords at various places? Please help! I thank you in advance for your assistance. Peace
  7. count 36 lights and cut - will work fine - have done many this way.
  8. edge

    Spring Forward

    And they all show the correct time - amazing Lets start on the left first!
  9. How would you wrap, plug in 100 ct mini white lights on very large trees? I understand the rule of three, however, I would like to put 100 strings of 100 ct. mini white lights on one tree. Do I use extension cords on top, plugging three strings in a row and piggy back them, stack say 10 plugs in to one extension cord, drawing 10 amps on that side? Please advise. I thank you in advance for your assistance. Cordially..........
  10. yes i agree - have over 7,000 balls & it works great!! start with the female end first.
  11. and that's the true meaning of christmas.............merry christmas yourself
  12. way to go - good luck - merry christmas & hope you feel better soon!
  13. atta boy bill - hip hip horray!!! you made us all proud last nite - i' m getting a little misty eyed as i write this - congrats & happy holidays.
  14. just keep pursuing your vision whatever your doing and let others determine if your working or playing - to us it always seems like we're doing both - keep pushing forward - peace
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