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  1. I usually run my lights until the 31st and yes I'm a little sad when they come down. This year I plan on doing a better job of working on next years projects all year long instead of waiting to the last minute. Maybe that will get me out of my funk quicker.
  2. Just wanted to see if anyone else runs into this problem. This year someone put us on a list of places to see and people have been posting on facebook about us so traffic is much heavier than usual. But the problem we are experiencing is people peering through our window to see the decorations inside AND when we have company people try coming into our house. We run a show but we also have a display in the garage and on our porch. We love to have visitors take a picture of their kids with Santa but to put their faces up to the window or try and walk in is a bit uncomfortable. How do you guys de
  3. You have the best snowmen. There are quite a few I've never seen before. Those of us on the west coast don't have many to choose from. Congrats and thanks for sharing. Looks awesome.
  4. Thanks guys. I don't know why I'm surprised to get a response so quickly. I guess we are truly addicted. Good call on Santa's symphonies. I think I'll use that as well. Merry Christmas. Daren
  5. A question for all those who ave used Virtual Santa in the past. Did you run it after Christmas? Logically I would think not since Santa has come and gone but everyone loved watching it so I wasn't sure. I chose not to tonight and figured if people complained I'd bring him back. What's your opinion?
  6. Very cool. I hope I can use this song next year. I just purchased a projector to use with virtual Santa but I still have to learn how to incorporate video using LOR. Any tips on where to start? Thanks.
  7. My white CFL's lasted 3 nights, the red FL's ( 3 of them ) burnt out the first night. The was a quick $15.
  8. Thanks Chad, had them up within 15 minutes of getting home. Tell your wife I'll send those pictures in a day or two. After I hit a Kmart or two. :-)
  9. I was about to start a new topic asking where this Snoopy came from when i came across your post. I'm in San Diego and traveled about 45 minutes to Vista to pick up a snowman, polar bear and Santa's workshop elf from a very nice family when I spied this Snoopy in their front yard. I got side tracked and forgot to ask where they got it. I'll be looking for this one next year.
  10. Thanks guys. I couldn't find Mel's post on the 2011 catalog but I did see one on the 2002 catalog. The snowman is 42" has a cane and wreath and the snowman # is 61730. I'm taking the advice and actually getting 3 because I have 2 of these snowmen. Ordering today so thanks again.
  11. Some progress but I still need your help folks. There are people here who have been collecting for years so I'm hoping someone can tell me if part # C61730 is the correct number for the nose. I searched as much as I could and this was all I could find. All General Foam could tell me was they needed a part #. if it's correct they want $1.00 (great price) and $7.50 shipping (not so good for such a small part). It's worth it to me but I want to make sure it's the correct one. I was really hoping one of the collector/sellers here would have one. Anyhoo..... Hope someone can help. Thanks
  12. I asked this question last year and am asking again this year. Where can I get a nose for my Santa's Best Snowman? I emailed GeneralFoam and haven't heard back from them. Could be because they are recovering from the storm. Anyhoo...... I'd really like to display him this year. Anyone have a spare they could sell me? Thanks, Daren
  13. Does anyone know the model number to this snowman? I'm pretty sure it's a Santas Best. I sent General Foam an email and this was the response. We will need the model number of the snowman. The nose is $2.00 s/h $7.00. You can place an order by phone at 1-800-813-0206 or send in a check or money order. Our mailing address is General Foam Plastics 3321 E. Princess Anne Road Norfolk, Virginia 23502. Shipping is kinda high but what are you gonna do. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Noseless in San Diego Daren
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a Santa's Best Snowman Nose? Thanks.
  15. Build a Sign has a sale for 25% off all products thru December 1st.
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