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    Grew up in South Ga, Lived in Ga all my life until I here to desert. I have a background in electronics, and did high end car systems, and home theaters for years before moving away from Ga.
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    hmmmm, golf, and anything that I can tinker with.....
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    2007 1000 lights static.
    2008 over 10000 lights, 80 Channels of LOR!
    2009 over 26000 LEDs and 168 channels of LOR
    2010 over 35000 LEDS and 280 channels plus DMX
    My budget has been blown up several times already.
  1. ahh very good question....You will get your best results actually placing the flod about 3 feet off the ground and usually about 5 to 7 ft from the wall surface depending flood tyoe , LEDS used in the flood etc, AS far how far apart most good fllods will cover about 10 to 12 feet wide with solid color..Again that all dpeends onthe LEDs used and the degree of ourput from the device....
  2. I will be there with the follow from TwoDoglightStore. With recent events in mind, TDLS will be liquidating all remaing stock over the next few momths..If you have been thinking of ordering a VDRIVE/VFLOOD combo now is the time!!.... I will have Terry post a price list for me here early next week since I will be Roadtripping my way to ICE. I will have all these items in Limited supply that are in the image above: If you are comng to ICE and you see something on my list below you are interested in, let me know so I can set aside for you!! VDRIVE/VFLOOD combos (20) (will have a special package for ICE!, If I run out I will honor the ICE price as an order and ship free with the next build batch early August. You will have to be at ICE to get this promo offer) Small 2 amp DMX controllers ( I will be able to set channels on site)(12) (Sorry already all SOLD!!) 12v 2 amp switching power supplies.(16) 12v 10amp switching power supplies.(5) 5 conductor waterproof pigtails.(30) 50/50 LED strip modules (180+ modules) Straw hat modules (20) Square 50/50 modules ( 10) 50/50 strip ribbons ( 300 LED ct) (4 reels) 4 conductor RGB cable "by the foot" (300+ feet) *** I will also have 20 meters of RGB "flexible Neon" with 2 controllers. I ordered to see if it would work on one of my projects for this year. It cost me $8 per meter plus shipping from China. Will sell for $150. This saves shipping if you are at ICE! here are some images All of my assembled Demo Units I have at ICE will be for sale.. This unit has a VFLOOD along with the "Luxeon Rebel Star Project" ( $50 worth of LEDS alone) , 12 amp power supply, and enclosure. This package will sell for $125. I am currently finishing a 6 Star VDRIVE Package. It will have a 24v 10amo Power supply, in the same enclosure. $135,( I will post images as soon as possible..) 2 ORIGINAL XMAS floods.. yes these are the 2 orginals that started all the "constant current" controversy, but proved it was the correct technology . They have 3 Luxeon Rebel Stars LEDS...I will no longer need them for my display. I will also include a tool to set the channels. $250 for the pair!
  3. And I will gladly up the ante to help one of my customers... about mid July/early August, I am planning a code update to the processor on the VDRIVE. What it will change I am not disclosing at this time. But who ever purchases these units I will glady flash the update to them for just the cost of shipping both ways once the flash is available. The processors can be shipped back and forth for just a few dollars. I will also honor the warranty thru the first season as stated on my webpage to the new owner... I will also vouch that the units are fully tested personally by me, and the power supply will operate all 5 units. William twodoglightstore.com
  4. As Tim mentioned most are using small cased worklights or Halogen flood housings... VFLOOD board is actually smaller than the MM, and has more LEDS! There is a thread somewhere on PC where someone made housings for floods with PVC fencepost. I am planning on making another "All in one housing" DEMO out of the fence post. (rumor is I might even give that one away at ICE!) there is an entire thread on VDRIVE/VFLOOD that shows some of the housings that it can fit in here on PC.. Any new product info fr VDRIVE VFLOOD can be found at the link Tim posted above..
  5. I was until I found out I could not get vacation time that weekend, but the next weekend was free, so I was thinking (which my wife always says is dangerous) it would be nICE to take a Roadtrip and visit my birthplace I have never seen, Crawdfordsville which is right by Indianapolis. Wouldn't you know it, there is a gathering of Christmas decorators that particular weekend in the area. I wonder if I can crash it without offending anyone....Besides growing up in the south (actually the same town Darlene Pino now lives) I know Gatlinburg is not the best place to be on a holiday weekend and not on my top places to visit (been there more times than I really want to admit to).
  6. Rebar?? Interesting idea Richard.. If anyone has noticed some of my images are now missing from posts in this thread, you can find them all hiding here. I had some issues where I had them stored and no way to go back and replace them here...
  7. Thank you Guys! And I will have special 2011 "preorder" pricing for HolidayUniversity members only shortly...
  8. leave the dial at default, there is no need to actually move it. when you create the shows on your card name them "show 1", "show 2", " show3" make the shows start and stop at different times, If you do like I do, have a "static" show to run for a short time before the main starts, leave a minute between the shows. for example show 1 start 5pm stop 5:59pm show 2 sun-thur start 6pm to 9:59pm fri sat 6pm to 10:59pm show 3 sun-thur start 10pm to 11pm fri sat 11pm to 12pm You can actually make it do differfent sequences at different times if you like, just make a new show # and times.. I found that If you don't lave that minute gap, it doens't play nicely for some reason. If you would like more info just PM me..
  9. Check my webstore for info on led floods. I will be posting 2011 preorder specials shortly on the website.
  10. Just remember these are electronic parts, and they do go bad. Light Emitting Diodes are a DC semiconductor we are running with AC current. Over all they are extermly reliable. Most of these lights are coming from minimal actual manufactuers in China.(yes Diogen/holiday creations is purchasing from the same sources as others if you followed this thread and took note of the UL codes mentioned before.) I am working on a way to do some simple testing and find where the failure occured in the LED strings, then how to fix them easily. This will be helpful when these strings pass their warranty. I have about 12 strings ( from this same manufactuer) myself over the past 3 years. I have been able to fix a few of them just by sheer luck of isolating the issue quickly, finding that the problem was in the solder joint in the bulb base. The only way to repair is to carefully "nip" away at the plastic until you can peal it all off, reflow the joint, then encase it back in epoxy( a MCDonalds soda straw and masking tape works best) . The issue is find to which LED is having the issue, and if its not the LEDS which rectfier bridge is bad. More to come when I have the method down to an art.
  11. I use the DC-MP3 in a very simular manor as Ed. But as noted it won't turn on background items, so I just use a timer to turn on and off my radio station sign and FM transmitter 15 minutes prior to the main show and 15 minutes after the show ends... Just remember as others have said...
  12. I am confused also... what are you looking for just the sequence to those pieces of music? Or the music too? Music sharing is slightly illegal and frowned upon here on PC... I also want to agree with Tim... there was no reason to bite Chucks head off. He was stating an opinion that Sandstorm is NOT a very christmasy song. But then I have seen all kinds of stuff used in their Christmas displays! From AC/DC to Disco. Heck I even used Blue Man Group and U2 last year. I will also back up Chuck creditials. His post count is easily 4 times mine! Some how it has been messed up lately, Last week he had 47 million posts... Chuck is one person that will give stuff away to help fellow PC members in need. The "good audio" you hear on most of the sequence videos you see is probably dubbed in over top the original audio. It has NOTHING to do with the bit rate.. I use 128kbps on my sequences that is transmitted over my FM broadcast.. it is also the exact same mp3 and bitrate I dub into my videos... Please define "Normalized". Are talking about compression? Most all commercial FM broadcasters use compression, that is why music sounds at the same level... I prefer my music being dynamic..but being a former concert/Jazz musician.. that is the way it is performed..that is the way it should be played.. and it is much easier to pick up the beats and tempos. I guess you don't want my sequences I may have you are requesting either..
  13. Dang Paul, Just when I was about to get my Credit Cards paid off......
  14. Honestly.. at this point I would unplug the cat5 from the RJ45 jacks in the controllers.. power up the controllers let them set to see if anything happens... If no, connect the first controller to the PC, let it sit idle for awhile, then try running sequences for a bit. then let it sit idle for a bit again..... if all works fine add the next controller.... repeat the same until you it starts seeing symptoms... then you have found where the issue lies... If nothing happened when they were unplugged... I would suspect a bad cable, cable end, or the RJ45 jack had been tweeked at one time, in which the only solution is to replace the jack. Its pretty easy to do if you have built your controllers. ( I accidently snagged one of my cables and tweeked a RJ45 jack the other day myself. If those jacks ever get pulled on hard they are ruined, as the pins drop down and no longer make good connection)
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