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  1. I would suggest that you run a (2) 4" pipe 24" deep, you can use regular drain pipe for the chase. If you ever want to add something later you will have the space, and not have to dig up your driveway. I had the builder install a 3" PVC pipe and I stubed the 3" up on both sides of the driveway and caped them off. You will still have to run PVC sch 40 or 80 for all your electrical needs inside of the 4" pipe.
  2. Yes they do make one, I purchased some from 1000blubs.com.
  3. I would check the voltage when you are exprecning the problem, 25A load can drop the voltage. How far is your power company transformer from your house ?, if your only getting 118V at your panel, this could be the problem, what is the voltage at your 50A connection ? Your UPS are going to drop when they see a voltage drop, that how they protect your items plugged in to them.
  4. I install two 1/2" emt pipe straps on the back of the molds, work for the high winds we get in Dec.
  5. I have 8 boxes of used costco lighted garland, the garland it self is in good conduction, as for the lights well they don't like our local power surges. free for local pick up. Dan
  6. I would call your local power company and talk to one of there custmer service engineer and have them come out to your home, and discuss your options. There the only ones that can tell you the cost and what would be required on your part.
  7. Yes, just make sure you change the size of the breakers to 20 amp single pole, 12-4 is good for about 150' if father then that I would go with the 10-4. If you do go with the 10-4, here another option install 30Amp 2-pole breaker and have a sub panel at the other end with beaker for up to four 15amp single pole breakers, mount your GFCI outlets to the panel. The panel can be made so it portable.
  8. Yes you can remove the 3-way and just install a blank cover over it, you will allways need access to the box per NEC As for the #-ways ot working right there missed wired at the switches, you should have 2 travelers from one switch to the other, one switch will have the power feeding the 3-way and the other switch will have switch leg go to your lights. Do a google search for how to wire a 3-way.
  9. In your panel turn off each breaker one at a time and see which breaker it is, then I would replace that breaker.
  10. It Normal for your breaker to warm, putting it closer to the 200A breaker will make it worse, try to keep it from other so it can dispate the heat. You may have a bad breaker, but don't be suprised if the new breaker gets warm also. If its so hot you can't keep your hand on it then yes there some thing wrong, check to see that all your connection are tight, even at the main panel. One loose wire and it can cause a lot of heat.
  11. You might want to check and see if the GFCI are wired correctly.
  12. NEC table 310.16, 75degree is good for 50AMP, there no need to change the main breaker from the 50A to a 40A, as for thr timer just follow the digram in the picture, you will need to run #12 for 20A. You need to ID the existing breakers to make sure they all take care of the pool, seems there are more breaker then what is need for a pool.
  13. Big is not all ways better, Christmas lighting / displays are a work of art, its you sharing your talent and imagination with others, it only takes on light blub or one sting of lights to make a christmas display. It not the number of lights, channels, cords, cut out, blow ups or blowmolds that make your make your display, it you doing what you like and sharing with other to see. WE have lived in Florida for over three years and our display has not changed at all, every year I think I going to add new stuff to the dispaly, something else come up and it will have to wait until next year. My family look forward to putting up our display every year even if it the same, (plus it allways warm weather) this year was not good to us at all, but I still have my family and friends. There will always be bumps in the road of life, that how we are tested, the nice thing we never graded on the test.
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