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  1. Hi Fellow Decorators Just curious as to how many people here use the GoPro HERO3 HD Camera for shooting video and still photos of your displays ? How does it do for night time videos and photos of your lights ? http://gopro.com/hd-hero3-cameras
  2. Travis

    Anybody here ?

    Hi All The Parks Family here in Carson, Wa. in the Columbia River Gorge checking in to say hello. We are running 64 channels of Light-O-Rama again this year with four songs. Last year we did not get much traffic, but through out the year the word has spread like weeds and we are getting our fair share of local resedent people coming by to see our display. Its been a great turn out so far. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year
  3. Hi Randy, My name is Travis and I live in Carson, Wa. in the Columbia River Gorge. Even though my status is "Senior Member" I am a newbie to the animation world, Ask MarkZ (Zman) he will agree, LOL !. 2008 was to be my first year animating our display. Last year 2007 we had a small statice display. For 2008 our display has doubled in size. My wife and I put a lot of heart and soul into the design of our animated display. during last summer we had some major medical issues come up and we put the animation portion of the display on the back burner and were not going to animate for 200
  4. Jeff What HD camera are you using to record your display with ? My wife and I are looking for a good HD video camera. I love how clean the image is on your videos. You did a excelent job on your display this year. Congrats. Travis
  5. Bill I ordered mine the same day. From the tracking number they gave me, it says I will have it this friday. Don't know if that helps or not. Travis
  6. oh ok thanks. So are you saying that the sockets from Action Lighting are too tall for Darryl Brown's strobe lights ?
  7. Can some one tell me who sells the best quality SPT1 C9 Sockets for use with Darryl Brown's strobe lights ? I have seen mixed opinions on Action Lighting's SPT C9 sockets, and they are $8.05 for a bag of 100 sockets. http://www.actionlighting.com/item-d...nCategory=&Sub= Then there is these C9 sockets that Creative Decorating Inc. "Brad Finkle" sells for $4.95 for a bag of 12 sockets. http://www.creativedecoratinginc.com...9-sockets.html I don't know who else sells these. Thanks Travis
  8. Hi All And Seasons Greatings. I am in a mad rush to order some SPT1. I was looking at Paul's 1,000 rolls, Action Lighting's 500 foot rolls, then I stumbles across this vendor on the PC main page on the vendors list. http://www.creativedecoratinginc.com/ Has any one used this company or ordered from them ? How repidable is this company ? Their price on a 1,000 foot spool of SPT1 is CHEAP, and for a price of $79.95 for a 1,000 foot spool it is cheaper than most I have found. check it out here. http://www.creativedecoratinginc.com/electrical-accessories/zip-cord.html Pleas
  9. Richard I am very excited for you. How incredible that is, you help M.A.W.F. with the power of your display and now look, they are wanting to help you by giving you a place to set your display up. It just goes to show, what goes around does come back around. Congrats. Travis
  10. Travis

    Anybody here ?

    Mark I think that does count. Darin said my location counts
  11. Travis

    Anybody here ?

    Hi Darin, Yes I'm actually 10 minutes from the Bonneville Dam. Yeah if I could tap in directly to the dam I would have all the service power a light fanatic dreams of
  12. Travis

    Anybody here ?

    I'm up in the Columbia River Gorge (Stevenson, Carson. Wa.) right across the river from Cascade Locks. Does that count
  13. I was thinking about using black heat shrink tube
  14. Sorry I can't make it there. Maybe next year guys, as I already have too much on my plate as it is taking care of my dad.
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