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  1. Jacob, I have placed an order for the lights last week. If you can, I would like to buy White or blue 70 count 5mm on white string with 2 inch spacing. I intend to restring all the deers, bears, and other wireframes. Thx.
  2. Jacob, Do you have white wire LED with 2" bulb spacing? I like to restring the wire frame.
  3. Instead of a lazy suzan, I used 1 1/2 pipe with 2 pcs of ball bearing block with 4 holes from www.surpluscenter.com to support the dish. This will make it moves smoothly without friction and strong enough to withstand the wind. I recommend to use less than 10 RPM motor.
  4. If someone has extra Gemmy Effeil Tower, please sell to me.
  5. Do you offer twinkle led 5mm 70 counts?
  6. How much plus shipping to California.
  7. I like it but wish the small train has 3 sections. Can you sell me the big one? I am really interested.
  8. I have seen both and I want both. Please let me know.
  9. Anyone sells or know where I can buy the 3D Rope lighted train? Thanks in advance.
  10. Try Crocodile heavy duty clip from 1000bulbs website.
  11. I remove the top wood section for some reason but the mechainical is the same as the picture.
  12. I am almost done with my design and starting to put it on the roof. I put the motor on top middle of the house and it will have 30' diameter spin. I build a chimney to cover the mechanical and on top of chimey will be a Santa tracker dish that spin half a circle. All this using one single motor @ 5 rpm. I am thinking to attach the Santa bicycle on one side and a train from the opposite side. I will post a picture when I test it in Thansgiving. I also bought a slipping 2" ID so that it could go thru a 2" oD pipe. The motor attached to a sprocket with chain.
  13. Using lazy susan is an easy way to do but it must be in a circle shape only. I am making an oval shape around 4x8 plywood with chains & sprockets. It's a lot of works due to mechanical parts and also making AC electric to move with it on a small carts with 4 roller wheels. I am almost done with it and hopefully will have pictures to show soon.
  14. I am putting up light 2 yrs in a row and will continue this year. Im in Fountain valley.
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