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  1. alright, my email is [email protected] feel free to email me your setup (on lor) and what songs you wish to use. and i will see what i can do. im on deployment on and off this season so didnt have time to setup a display back home. but sequencing is something i can always help with
  2. if you are using LOR email me your setup with some mp3 songs you want for next year. and ill help you out a bit or atleast get you to a good start.
  3. ive used my buddy down the street's (ka3tno) all last year. i think i used it more then him! it works great especialy on a snow covered roof in the dark night!
  4. ran my lights til jan 2nd. (tonight) then tomorrow i begin teardown.
  5. i work at walmart, we did not send anything back for next year. we just had the lights out so early, that they were sold out well in time.
  6. you can always try sending your local newspaper an email. i did that this year and landed a full page article. along with 2 pictures on the front of the sunday paper. that along with a showing on NBC10 News helped keep 8-15 cars outfront during most times of the night. btw do you still have that linus and lucy snoopy theme song? i cant seem to be able to get the timings down as well as you did. any chance i could ****** up a copy of it so i can use your timings for my show?
  7. it was only about 1 minute of coverage. and i woulda rather had the display being showed off then some ____ kid who thinks hese funny.
  8. and now theres a big group of kids with there grandparents out front all watching the display. fiorst they videotaped the display. now the little kids are all right at the edge of the display pointing at all kindsa stuff! wow this kinda stuff puts a huge smile on my face.
  9. Ever since nov 28th. (the day i turned everything on) there have been ups and downs for the xmas display. 2 days BEFORE opening night. (mind you i hold a party with 100+ ppl on average who showup) i had 3 kids run up into my display and brake a few candycanes. (Nothing i couldnt fix just irritating) The Light up show was great success! We had the local paper there to take photos and write an article that appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the sunday paper. woohoo! The next night we had crazy traffic and about 40$ in donations for that night alone (so far thats the highest amount in a night) since then the traffic was light on 2 days that rained and heavy on another 2. Lastnight i checked the donation box. found 6$ for the night (it was pouring rain all night) I also found 2 hand written notes on mcdonalds napkins. one asking me to marry them and how amazing the light show is! (I Love you to whoever that was!) Then later that night (1 am) some kid calmly walked up into the front yard and pulled out one of my white wire trees (They were staked in with 3 foot re-bar) so he tried hard to get it and eventualy succeeded. then he calmly walked around the display looking directly into my surveilance cameras with the tree over his shoulder (Ima catch you you little ______) well i realised this today about an hour before NBC10 local news station was set to showup for an interview. So i rushed around to find out that no1 in my area sells white wire trees anymore??? so i had to comprimise with a spiral tree temporarily. oh well. anyway the interview came along and towards the end the reported pulled out a Flip HD Video Camera, and a 100$ Gift card.so not only am i going to be on the news but traffic is good tonight and i now have a HD video camera to record the show! YAY!!!! hopefuly nomore vandals this year. ima bit sick of watching them steal and break my stuff.. lastyear when i had NO security i was fine. ughhh
  10. this isnt legal in some states, (especialy mine) but i put out about 2 boxes of mothballs. spread out in the yard. you cant really tell they are there. and they keep every kind of small critter out. plus if it rains they dont disapear, and after season u can leave them out there as they will desinigrate in time. (did i spell that right?)
  11. lol. check your local craigslist. or ebay. just buy someones old inflateable that has a larger fan. or go to HD or something and install a booster fan that ppl use in central air systems
  12. Just thought the old thread was a bit outdated and unorganized. so i was wondering if there was anyone nearby to go check out there show this year. so tell me wear in PA do you have your light show! Mine is on. 16 gun road levittown pa this is about 30 minutes away from center city philly.
  13. did you have it looked at by a second computer shop? i know some people dont know what they are talking about. even when they run a business. always backup your files
  14. my display is about 50-60% LED. so i pull a mear 50-60 amps with all at 100%
  15. thankyou ben! off to work on the roof. cutting and re-wiring these c-9's.
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