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  1. ive been trying to re-model my trees for quite some time now. great idea! (Wear did you get that template from?)
  2. the seller auto-declined my $1.00 offer =((( i wanted 2 burn it.
  3. i do this with my mega tree. 1/2" should be perfect. dont put screws or anything in it though. that will weaken the pvc and it will crack from the cold. just use sip ties. or wrap the lights around the ring a few times. thats what i did.
  4. i work at walmart and we recieved letters from them saying how many people have complained about there poor outdoor halloween decor. well they also posted how they plan to fix things with an increadible christmas decor area. we just started stocking christmas in our gardening department (all of the gardening stuff is going away and being filled with chistmas lights. and i have been told that all 13 isles of halloween stuff will be replaced with christmas after halloween is over. so yipee!
  5. wow they look cool! great ide! i wish my yard was larger then it is. i wouldnt be able to fit one of those there haha..
  6. i helped stock 3 full isles at my walmart yesterday
  7. ill have my check out in the mail asap!
  8. u can put me down for 9 so i can cover shipping with all for under 50$?
  9. i can tell u this much. i did this with a megatree last year (well kinda) i did one string upa nd one string down as one channel. the connectors were at the top. and with a simple 6 channel tree. i had a huge clump of wires crossing the top.
  10. ty for the info! ill have 2 checkout my sams 2morrow
  11. wel folks i promssed id tell you guys when walmart got there christmas stuff in. (dont mind any typos my wireless keyboard is running outa batteries) anyway was unloading a truck with a few buddies and started coming across tons and tons and tons and tons and tonnnnsss of christmas tree ornaments (we made probably 4 pallets full of xmas tree ornaments) and then started coming the xmas trees themselves (fake ofcourse!!!) and finaly i almost fainted. when we opened the second truck. guess what, ALL XMAS LIGHTS!!! a full truck (or atleast half full) truck of outdoor lights. unfortunatly when we got to the second truck my shift ended soon after. so i did not get to see much but i did see lots and lots of LED boxes. ill check the brand 2morrow. (i dont work but ima go back there anyway) HEHE. i believe there was a LED rope light in the mix to. the minis that i saw were the reall small nubby LED's. well see tomorrow what i can find.(ima sneak into the back room) anyway one of the managers said expet 2 see the lights and decor out the day after halloween at the latest
  12. i wish i had more windows to do it to. but unfortunatly there are only 3 "windows" i the front of my house. one witch is on the very right corner (small) and you wont see because the cars will be in the driveway. the middle one (as seen here) and then a sliding glass door (witch isnt all that visable because there is a patio that is cut out of the house so the door is back farther then the front of the house. and not as visable. so pretty much thats the only one worth spending that kinda time on. btw between the 2 it cost me under 20$ to do.(excluding lights)
  13. i got my candycanes from kmart last year after xmas. i believe they were 96 cents for a 2 pack. of large candycanes.
  14. that sounds like a cool idea but tiring. if your up to it go ahead enjoy yourself! i would be amazed 2 see something like that in the front yard. but dont make it obvious that your human. make them think your an animatronic or something haha!!!
  15. no talk from neighbors yet. but i just have to chime in that everything there is completely removable with 0 trace of anything ever being there... the window outlines (red/green) are fitted tight into the window frame so they wont budge. but i placed some double sided tape on the glass in the corners for added strength. ill be able to easily remove this with 0 trace of them being there.. then the "back splash" was an idea i came up with instead of using the usual suction cups to keep the lights in the windows. i decided to make a stronger and easier up/down way. i build a frame out of some 3/4" x 1" trim that i had laying around (you can get it from home depot for 2$ per 8 foot) and i built it to fit tightly in the window sill. then i drilled the holes into that frame and installed hooks there. then i took a final piece and painted it black and put it in the center as a support because the "pull" from the strings was causing it to flex. actualy my dad got pissed at me when i told him they will be there til after xmas. and he kept saying that he likes waking up in the morn to the front yard he works so hard on. so within 5 mins i had all of this out of the window. and ready to "pop" back in. very easy to install setup. less then 2 mins.
  16. ty! when i finaly put up my driveway arches ect. ill post pics of them here to!
  17. and here are some inside shots! i have to black out some of the LED's (red/green) that were extras.
  18. wel guys/gals i just started my stup today. and since i am working full time with little time to actualy setup/build i had to start much earlier! well. so far today i completed 2 MAJOR projects on my to-do list. they have both been half-made for awhile now and finaly finnished them up. first was my window outlines, for our recently installed bay-window. i made these using J-Channel and hotglue. they turned out very well and fit so snug i only had 2 put a few pieces of double sided tape to the glass for extra security. these are 2 channels. red and green. and look awesome! (as shown in below pictures) second i made a backdrop for the same exact window (yes i know alot going on here! for just one window!) this is all clear/white. and consists of 750 lights and believe me it is really really bright! i love it and itl make a good effect if i want to light up the front yard with my single window hehe. anyway off to the pictures. tomorrow i will be bringing down all the halloween so the mother can start decorating the inside. i think ima only put up 2 halloween inflateables up this year, i need all of the time i have to continue setup. theres still alot to do setup-wise and i still have 3 more jumping arches to make!!! Woooooooooooot im all excited. :121_reindeer::121_reindeer::121_reindeer: PS: the pitures dont give any credit to what this really looks like. i took them with my phone.
  19. i know a ew guys down the road from me who put a 6 foot tall fence around there display. he has the real thin chicken-wire going all the way around and it works great, you can see the display perfectly but cannot access it. i dont think theyve ever had anything stolen.
  20. no walmart wont be the same for xmas. they have very large displays ready for setup at my store. and we have had alot of complaints about the halloween this year. sum1 down the line Screwed up. and there is a butload of halloween lights in unmarked boxes somewear in one of the warehouses. (they somehow lost them???) i have a feeling at some point theyl be clearenced or sent back for next year.hehe
  21. wow that roof over your driveway is huge! and its also probably one of the sturdiest things ive ever seen! awesome job! anyway guys i went to home depot and found this. 3/4" Electrical PVC will work fine for what i wanted. I am only going over a single car driveway, so nothing special. yesterday i drove some stakes into the ground 5 feet apart on each side. and then i pieces the PVC together to make arches. (10 pieces total to make 5 arches) they turned out so much better then i expected! then i painted them black and today just wrapped each arch with 150 Multi colored lights. I was so happy and inpressed with how much of an awesome effect it created i decided to break out my show computer and make a sequence. i didnt get a chance to video it or take any pictures so youl have 2 w8 until i put them back up (near halloween) for pics ect but truly amazing for only 5 channels. what a HUGE effect!!!
  22. lol did you have any neighbors ask why its going up so early? im in the process of building some driveway arches (i have 5 of them setup right now outfront) now they wont be up from now til xmas. becuz its to early for me, but my neighbor came out and was like dont tell me ur already lighting up! haha
  23. that tree is truly amazing. btw u have a PM now
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