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  1. I remenbered what to do tonight when i got home , turn power off to box, reset number back to 0 and turn power back on, then unplug and and reset to orginal number and plug back in and it works. haven't had to do that for a couple years. thanks for your help, hope this helps if anyone has this problem, thanks again, louie
  2. i have 14 lor daisy chained . 1 box in the middle has power to both side and red light is on steady but nothing is working out of it. the night before last it was working radomly , last night nothing , power on and off , and restarted the computer, what am i missing? thanks for any help you can give me, louie
  3. the only thing i furnish is soft drinks and pizza boy witch is my youngest son who works for papa johns, all food is donated by papa johns. the trailer we use is a 500,000 dollar store on wheels, completey self contained

  4. don't panic darryl will build more, you got time
  5. Man, losing 64 channels would pretty much wipe me out. On your pizza nights do the pizza places donate the food and drinks? Domino's here is interested in doing it,I just need a basic plan on what I might be out before doing it. SPaschall

  6. had 4 lor boxes go bad ===no help from lor, they told me to contact them after christmas,, that did a lot of good. as for as pizza night it is now friday and saturday nights, just contact any local pizza place with a mobil trailer and talk them into helping, we even got a extra 500 dollars donation this year besides the free pizzas we sold--all total for pizza about 1000 dollars - total for 09 7200 dollars

  7. Hey Louie, Went a little rough with some com problems but got them resolved about mid season. I would like to talk to you about how you do your pizza night. I would really like to do something like that for our opening weekend. Sorry you had problems,what went wrong besides all of the wind we got? SPaschall

  8. sir how did 09 display go, lots of lor problems here this year. we live on for another year

  9. Louie

    Kentucky Members

    Go slower every day, i'm going to start putting up light in march next year
  10. Tim, after 40 years she said i'm beyond help
  11. Louie

    Kentucky Members

    Slow----- i'm not slow just a little old louisville here, over 300 channels and 82,000 lights
  12. My head grew and my hat doesn't fit sir.
  13. Ok, but you are suppose to be my adult supervision
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