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  1. Even decided to get a little crazy and color code the sections of pvc since my mega tree uses 16 channels i alternate red and green
  2. Finished up the new mega tree hoop this morning..... ended up using (8) 4'6" sections of the gray 3/4" pvc for top and 8 for bottom connected with 3'4" T's and 1' vertical pieces of which I will shorten some to make up for the grade on my ground to have the hoop level. Ended up not gluing any of the T's and it held together nicely and bent easily. Plus experience from past (especially when making a tighter circle the white PVC T's are what will fail first (had them snap on me) so if that happens by not gluing them in place I can easily just insert a new "T" without having to cut more gray PVC. The (8) 4'6" pieces ended up giving me a hoop diameter of just under 12'. I know I was trying to stay close to 10' (half the height of my pole) but based on calculations...... 20' pole (actually 19' because 1' of it is underground) with a 12' diameter will require strands of lights to be just under 20' and my mega tree light strands are 23' so I will just wrap the excess around the pvc ring.
  3. Dave Exactly what I am looking to do but planned on doing 2 rings and not the arms going in to the center of the pole. Question...... looks like you have 8 sections of the gray conduit going in to T's What is the length of each of them and what sort of diameter did it give you? I am looking to do a 10' diameter (half the height of my pole) so my plan is to have (4) 8' sections of the gray conduit based on my calculations that should give me approx a 10' diameter. My question is..... if I cut the gray pvc to 8' sections how well is it going to bend. Right now my current hoop uses (4) 10' sections and it bends nicely but the radius is about 75" a little wider than I would like. Here is a drawing of what I plan to do
  4. Anyone have any plans for a mega tree base? (ring to hold light strands) Right now I am using the gray electrical pvc conduit with cup hooks screwed in every couple of inches or so. I am looking to get it off the ground a few inches. Thought of making 2 rings of pvc with each piece of each ring connected by a "T" then have a small 6" or so vertical leg coming off the "T" to the lower ring.... that way no cup hooks and I can just wrap the excess lights around the PVC. I saw one online where you can buy the kit but didnt like its design because it is way too high off of the ground (see pic below) I thought this would also work out better for me because the ground where my mega tree is grades down so i can make the vertical pieces in the front of the base a little higher to make the stand more even. Dont need anything to hold the pole just something simple for the lights. My pole is (2) 10' sections of steel pipe going into a concrete flag pole base in the ground. Cant remember my exact diameter I am using now as I am at work and all my stuff is home but I am pretty sure i am getting an approx 5' radius right now (10' diameter) for my current ring base. Guess i was just mainly looking for input on sizes of each section of pipe, how many vertical supports to use, best pvc size etc Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks ...yes I thought of PVC as one of my options
  6. So was looking to make a cascading snowflake setup (or stars) to come down from my roof to ground level on side of house to incorporate into my sequencing. Looking to kind of do something similiar that Holdman had on his house. Anyone ever build something like this and how did you accomplish it. ? Kind of looking to do something similiar to the attached graphic
  7. So this year I want to switch my Mega Tree over to all LEDs Right now Tree is only red/green 16 channels with 3 strands of 100ct incandescent minis per channel of each color. I am using (2) 10' sections of black pipe for my pole. Anyone have a recommendation on the best sort of LEDs to go with (size, length, where to get etc)?
  8. What is everyone using for the spacing between the 2 pieces of rebar for a 10' PVC arch? I cant remember if I used 6' last year or 8' I swear I wrote it down but I cant find it
  9. So I had a small maple tree out in front of my house that had 3 channels committed to it (Red, Green, Multi Color) using LOR - the tree was slowly dying ...most likely due to all of the lights I kept loading on it (at least thats what my wife says) Anyway I replaced it with a small Japanese Maple which obviously no lights will go on. So i was thinking about putting something int he vicinity to take up those 3 channels and still utilize 1 channel for red, 1 fro green and 1 for multicolor I thought of the possibility of a small mega tree or something similiar..... anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Anyone know of any vendors offering discount codes on c9 Dimmable LEDs? I gotta order a ton of them
  11. Currently my mega tree is a 20 sunsetter telescoping flag pole. 3 years ago the pole snapped from a windstorm ...mostly my fault because of not having enough guy wires.....so i replaced with a new pole and doubled my guy wires and all was fine for the next couple of years. Last year the wooden bun I had at the top (with brass hooks around it and a center bolt screwing into top of flagpole) snapped in half. This year my goal is the replace the entire system with something more sturdy and a hand crank/winch to take the lights up. I would like to continue using the collar base that is set into the ground in concrete for the flag pole. Right now it can accomidate up to 2-5/8" diameter (which is the width of the bottom of the flag pole) Anyone have any options or plans they can share to get me started int he right direction?
  12. Just wondering if anyone ever tried using ratchet straps for tightening guy wires? I thought of removing the nylon strapping from the ratchet straps and seeing if the wire itself would be able to travel into the ratchet itself to be tightened sound feasible?
  13. Last year I bought a set of these 52" folding plastic stars (each point was hinged to fold up for easy storage) - the stars had incandescent lights in them. For the life of me I cannot remember where I bought them. Does anyone have an idea of who carries these?
  14. I wanna do a cascade of some large snowflakes coming done my peaked roof on my house this season. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can get some of these (or possibly even build them) ?
  15. Thats exactly what I thought .... it is very rare that the entire 16 channels of that controller are on at the same time and I just realized that I changed my mega tree color lights to the 52% efficient minis this year and they are on that circuit so that only gives me a 100% draw of 16.29 amps
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