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  1. Yes, the admin can merge both accounts into a single account. Either one can be used as the final account. A few clicks int he AdminCP and it is done. This will preserve all your post and data associated with both accounts. All posts will then reflect the choose name.
  2. You can easily do it. You can not control the fog machine directly with a LOR controller, by using at standard channel. The fog machine needs to have 110v power at all times to keep the heating element hot and ready for the fog juice. The part of the fogger that is "controlled" is the pump for the liquid. On my fog machine I use my controller to turn open and close a dry set of contacts, just like a regular switch, only automated. I tapped into the remote port on the back of the machine and wired up my contacts. So in the end, get yourself a mechanical relay that has 110v control and l
  3. Got my MR16s the other day! THANK YOU!!!!
  4. Mark D wrote: The reason for the scrambles user id's of the non-winning bidders is because people were getting fake second chance offers. The winning bidder would not get a second chance offer. Thats why the winning bidder's name is visible.
  5. Nice! I have not had Starbucks in a year or so. After their "re-training" and now this I might have to give my tastebuds a treat! Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Buzz, Check out the videos on my site from 2006. No dimming. They are not the greatest but it will gove you an idea of some of the display elements you are looking for without dimming. The link is in my sig, ChristmasInShirley.com
  7. Why doe sthe entire thread need to be deleted. If the Mods stay on top of things they can lock the thread before it gets out of hand and nothing is lost. This way people can see for themselves who the offenders are and realize not to respond to theor posts in the future.
  8. A wall calendar featuring some of the best Christmas displays from around the world. Enjoy a different Christmas display each and every month of the year. www.cafepress.com/diyc
  9. http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/forum61/21002.html
  10. Greg Young wrote: You mean the dvds are not on their way yet!:laughing:
  11. If the thread was out of place and it was so "night and day" as you put it then who made it an Announcement? Must have been a Moderator or Admin in the 1st place. It is one thing to move a thread that has just started but this was an Announcement that has been here for months and has pages of posts. Something that popular should have a shadow topic left. What is sp different about the topic all of a sudden? It has been fine for months prior. I guess this "tidying up" is part of the new things 2008 is bringing to PC. I hope the search function has been repaired and updated. I tried searching la
  12. Now how is anyone supossed to know something was moved when there has been no post about it or a shadow topic left. It has only been in this forum for years.
  13. The threads were removed by the PC staff, whoever they may be. Greg had no idea the threads were removed. Just another unwarranted deletion imo.
  14. What happened to all the threads about the dvd set that showcases PC members light displays each and every year?
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