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  1. You have to dazzle her with something shiny,... " Hey honey. I think its about time we did some clothes shopping together. You go ahead and pick some things out and I'll be along in a few......"
  2. Got my boxes today. Now the work begins,...again.
  3. As I said My snowflake icicles came from Sams Club and your order may be of a different design. My sets had white/blue twinkle leds every so often which were stunning when they worked. Also untangling them after being put away for the season is maddening.
  4. I would avoid the snowflake lights. I have some and the snowflake covers collect water and short the led making me climb ladders all winter to change the fuse. But these snowflake came from Sam's club a couple years back at the end of season sale Also I believe some manufacturers were putting the rectifier in the plug itself for a time.
  5. Probably many, but doesn't he spell his name backward?
  6. My shipment came in today. I'm about to plug in a string of strrrrrobes.
  7. Cant wait to get ankle deep in wire, plugs, and strobes
  8. looking forward to the DMX presentation
  9. The stuff you should use is called "rip stop" nylon. It is the stuff that kites are made from.
  10. Could that also be said about adding lengths to 60ct in 30 bulb increments to make 90ct
  11. A triple bumpersault, full pike, wearing nothing but a smile. (You realize this is the third time)
  12. double BUMP with a twisting backflip
  13. I read somewhere it was spt-3,... a variety with a uv inhibitor in the jacket.
  14. How fast/slow are the color change C9s. What is the difference? Are there dimming versions of them too?
  15. I'm guessing the preorder case price for LED strings is not reflected on the price sheet?
  16. Thanks for the link,... just put in my order. Now I wait for the LED strings group buy.
  17. I'm new,...Kevin?,.... website please?.
  18. I would also be interested in some news about LED string/MR16 group buy for 2009.
  19. paul sessel wrote: I was interested in the C9 retrofits until I found out they do not take to animating very well.... I have Ooodles of C9 strings I could have repopulated..... Bummer.
  20. would like to be in on some cases too,... These strings would be dimmable?
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