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  1. Thanks for all the kind words and emotional support. I haven't been at the computer much this week, too demanding to sit too long. I had an accupunture treatment Tuesday, its helping alot with the inflamation in my lower back. I had the 1st good nights sleep last night.since the accident . I took a trip to Walmart and Kmart to pickup my prescriptions today and some comfort food, think it was too much too soon. I need to to take it easy for a bit still and let the healing process work. The family still won't let me drive so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks again, for all the support, I app
  2. Being a very indepedent person and someone who doesn't like to ask for help, this year I had to bite the bullet. I had to ask the family, grandkids and kids for help in getting the light display up and running this year. I did something very stupid, I did something I shouldn't have and know better. I forgot to anchor the top of the ladder. Everyone knows to do this or should do this. The ladder decided to slide and gravity took its course. What's really bad is I compounded the first error by positioning the ladder over the AC unit. Thats what I landed on and caused most of the damage to my bo
  3. I started putting up lights the first year after I got out of the Army, about 15 strings of lights. We never had any outdoor lights when I was growing up so was never really exposed to the lighting bug. The first Christmas home from the Army, I wanted to brighten things up and it has grown from there every year to 40k leds and 178 LOR channels this year And yes, the paper boy did it. I have a candy house that I put out every Christmas that holds about 2 1/2 boxes of candy canes. Last year, I would leave for work in the morning with it filled with candy canes and when I would get home late a
  4. I am not sure, right now its -29 below zero with a -47 wind chill. Wind chills are supposed to be in the -40 range today so today is out. Tomorrow might get up to 21 but the forecasts have been wrong more than right around here all last month. I think I will let the display run at least until the end of the week and see how the weather turns out. There is also over 2 feet of snow out there over about an inch of ice.
  5. I was out handing out candy canes and 1 gal with her young daughter told me she need to get her mood improved because she lost her wallet that day so they came to look at the lights. She told me she felt better about the day and gave me $5 donation to the charity I am collecting for. I told her she didn't have to make a donation but she insisted. I am just happy I could do something to help her out, and make her a little bit happier. And here I was thinking about not doing a display next year, guess I need to get busy and start planning next year's display.
  6. I just used an aluminum extension ladder leaned up against the mega tree pole. My mega tree is 20ft tall and guy wired at the top and the middle. I was surprised how sturdy the pole was and had no problems climbing up and attaching the lights. I was going to use pole to attach the lights to the top but it was taking too much time and I was in a hurry so I tried the ladder and it went quite fast after that. Much easier and felt safer than using my other extension ladder, 36 footer, to do lights in my real tree.
  7. All I have to do is move 2 trees, a gingerbread house, 2 snowmen, a toy soldier, a santa, and 3 reindeer into my driveway each night. I decided last year that I was running out of room and the driveway was empty so I filled it, hehehhe. The show starts on time whether I move the stuff into the driveway or not. I have 40k LEDS and 176 channels of LOR and haven't had a problem with dead strings or LOR yet. So its been pretty much zero maintenance and set it and forget it.
  8. hmm, I have a 0 percent failure rate, but thats because I haven't gotten any of my order yet, go figure, hehehehe
  9. they are and sorry, too late, let the grandkids have em for their bushes
  10. Well its been a real busy time since the lights turned on, getting lots of traffic even with the cold and the snow. We had another 6 inches fall on Friday morning, not bad for only expecting maybe 1 to 3 inches and a 30% chance. I am running out of room to put all the snow from the driveway, and its only the middle of December. There have been a couple of days where its warmed up and melted a little, but not much. I still have 3 cases of lights to put up but not going to happen this year, going with whats up and calling it good. Its 1 degree out right now and traffic has been real steady
  11. I managed to get my mega tree up before the first winter storm hit luckily. Still trying to get everything done before opening day, but the cold and snow are making things tough. We have around 8 inches of snow on the ground, the first storm was rain that turned to wet snow and so under all the snow is frozen ice, what a pain. Thinking this is going to be a cold and snowy year again. And to think, 2 weeks ago I was putting up lights in sandals and no coat, now, fighting the sub zero windchill wearing snow boots and 5 layers of clothing. Remind me again why we live up here in the frozen nor
  12. We live alot farther north, almost to the Canadian border
  13. I have 30 strobes in a Z tree, half are LED I have 40 strobes in a Mega tree, all are LED and I have 160 colored LED strobes in a real tree in my yard last weekend while I was out working on the display, my neighbor stopped by to chat and I ended up turning on the strobes to show him how what I was doing yes, they have a bit slower strobe rate but they looked great and didn't all fire off together now this was just hooking up power to them and not in a sequence, in a sequence I do add a pre charge to them this is my second year using LED strobes and I personally like them, I use enough o
  14. I picked up 5 cases(48 boxes of 12 canes per box) last January at Walmart for $0.22 a box stored them in the cool store room in our basement
  15. would it be green wire or white wire strings?
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