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  1. Funny I am having same thoughts.I want to run 4 colors maybe 5 on my gutters and make window frames.Was thinking some kind of 2*4 and nailing each string on.With 4" spacing though it would be tight.Only way i can figure to build window boxes is to buy bulk green wire and use retrofit c-9 led bulns as I need custom lengths. Every where I have read on hee says you can not cut LED lights easily. I hope someone responds who has done this,it would help us both.
  2. Thanks I see it now.However how many do you get for that price????? I am curious also do a lot of people go this way.I see no other to do it for custom lenghts like my windows boxs I am making etc.Thanks again!!!
  3. Thanks Paul! 1 Question how come on the bulbs I see no pricing??
  4. Hi Paul Thanks for the info.Can anyone get me a link to wire and bulbs?Can i get them during your pre-sale?What is spacing etc?Wire spacing for bulbs?Sorry so many questions I am excited to get going for next year.Oh ya running those long strings if 1 goes out are you OK with rest?
  5. Ok so I no it was in another forum.But can any of these or which ones can be cut to lengths and how?????? I hate to invest and then find out problems.Also on the leds talked about when one goes out that does not knock out rest of string right?I just want to get a game plan as I am doing planning on doing pre-order,Thanks!!!!!!!!
  6. Mounting 4 colors of lights on my gutters and not sure if there is a better way to do it. Also made some wood boxes for my windows and having a hard time leeping all lines straight. I no I have seen some on this sight some pictures of different ways to mount lights on gutters etc. Can someone provide some links or thoughts.Plan on going all led next year and would like to figure this out this year.How come no one makes an all led string with all colors you could control,no that would be awesome,Thanks!!
  7. Just wondering if one burns out on them,will they all go out??
  8. Hello,lots of talk about leds at lowes/walmart etc:looking to invest in leds lots of talk here removable and non removable bulbs. Anyone had good luck long term use. Also want ones that if 1 bulb goes they all wont go out. Thinking like a c6 or c7 style,not sure on spacing.thanks!!
  9. Hello looking for a programmable light controller only maybe 3 channels or a few more.like the lor's but seem to take a while to pprogram from what i read.like to stay simple my first year out.anybody know of anything thanks!!
  10. So its that time of year again. Ok looking to start switching to leds for my display. Want to run a few colors so need an led lights that come in different colors. I hear things about lowes and other stores. Thing is i want leds that if one goes out the whole string does not go out,also i want strings i can replace the bulbs when they do burn out. I probably need about 200' to start,want to run white,maybe some reds/greens/blues.like to keep options open. Also would like a bright led light,seems like some of them are brighter than others. Can anyone provide some insight,or a website to go to,t
  11. Paul answered an email the other day and stated a week or so for group buy.Can someone drop me the link when that happens,Thanks!!!!
  12. Thanks to everyone for quick response. This site is awesome. How do i get to this 2008 LED Group forum.Is there a list to get on or a way to get emailed,thanks!!
  13. Hello, I am new to this so i hope this is correct spot. Any suggestions on where on can purcahse led lights I was looking for around maybe 400' of clear/blue/green/red.Im not sure sure on size of bulbs probably something middle of road like a C6/ I was told there is a place you can pre-order early in year?? Thanks for the help,Mike
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