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    128 channels of LOR controlling 3 megatrees, minitrees, wreaths, shrubs and other assorted pieces that go blink in the night.
  1. We're still at it, between insane work schedules all around. With a lot of rain moving in tomorrow, this may be the last night of blinking for the year here. The GFCI's only shut us down one other night after a good soaking, so it's all good. Two of our neighbor's are tied into the show now, added at the last minute, and one more will be joining in 2013. The traffic was a bit heavier this year, so we were able to raise a significantly larger donation to the non-profit we support. A mini sounds good. We haven't been to a GA mini since 2008. Happy New Year!
  2. Second on the Light Keeper Pro. I found two bad sockets this year with the LKP, fixed one and replaced the other.
  3. Long time and no posts, thanks, Facebook. Checking in on this rainy night in Georgia. The show was up and running Thanksgiving night, about a week and a half ahead our normal lights up. Finishing up a couple of new songs and that'll be a wrap for this season.
  4. Well, I've noticed that the Walmart Holiday Time 400 ct minis, which are two 200 ct strings, only pull about 0.34A per string, and the box says you can connect four end-to-end. If the Lowes strings are also running around 0.17A per 100 ct string then I'd trust that 8 strings are no problem.
  5. I think I'll post before the 2010 roll call... Our 2nd year, we were up on December 4th. 128 channels of LOR running just over 21,000 lights. Traffic has been light, maybe one or two dozen cars a night up through the 25th. Oh, and one neighbor (so far) says they want in next year. Bwahaha!
  6. I don't know... I've measured 140 degrees in my attic. That was before we had ridge vents installed, but I think I'll find a way to store as much as practical in the garage.
  7. A shot in the dark (sorry) if nothing else helps, might be to reinstall the rs485 driver that came with your adapter. Windows Update always wants to update it on my vista pc... I don't let it.
  8. Paying the price for not working on the show throughout the year. The display is about 80% set up and I'm planning on taking Friday off to be ready to go live on the 5th. My bride has eased up on the "I told you so"s.
  9. Thanks Bill, or to whoever set up the live stream. If I have to work today, at least I can be there virtually. Looking forward to lights up tonight. Have an awesome day!
  10. I'd like to test the naked dipole I built last year. Perfect excuse to take it down from the bedroom wall and give it a proper home in PVC. Outside.
  11. 50 seat rooms in Central Park (one of the larger parks, just off GA400 and about 30 minutes north of Atlanta) run $50 ($75 with kitchen) for 2 hours. The office is closed so I don't know if there's discounts for 8 hrs or all day. Similar rooms in the smaller parks run $50 to $150 a day. My bride had asked about hosting it a couple of months ago, but our common area only has a pavilion, and our home gets a bit cramped with more than about 20 adults.
  12. One of the larger county parks here has meeting rooms of assorted sizes. We've used them for HOA and business meetings several times. I'll check prices and report back.
  13. Hi neighbor! Robin over at SCL asked to pass this on to you: Will someone go over to PC and contact RedneckChristmas guy? He has a video on YouTube about his display he would like to record. Tell him to download Freecorder as it will record video or audio from YouTube.

  14. Vimeo is easy to use and embeds nicely into your website. At least that's what I found with the 1 video I've posted so far. But is it inevitable that the tunepolice will start takedowns there, too? (If they haven't already.) And even if we keep song/artist references out of text, the pessimist in me says they'll run all posts through song recognition programs that automatically send out notices.
  15. I don't a problem with the word: "need". What am I missing?
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