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  1. I get mine from ebay. Much cheaper and more color choices. Best deals are the 100 ft. rolls. Small retail size packages are real expensive compared to the bulk roll discounts. Steve
  2. In my circle, your statement makes people jump and get ready to pounce. UL doesn't "approve" anything!!!! They test it and "list" it as meeting the standards. I'm just sharing............not pouncing!!!! Steve
  3. I have some red 100 count Walmart lights.............send me a PM with the number you want and an address............I will be happy to quote you a price. Steve
  4. I have used some of this........Cable from ebay Steve
  5. Generally, If the pixels stay on you have a problem with the ribbon. I would try and reset the ribbon by turning off the power, than press and hold the reset button in while turning the power back on. The ribbon should run the test pattern of Red, green , blue. along the entire strip. If it doesn't you better contact LOR to make arrangements for a repair/replacement. Steve
  6. I am just about done installing pixels to outline my house. I think they will become a permanent installation. I love straight lines!!!!! Video-Pixel outline on house Steve
  7. Thank you...........thank you......that's just what I needed.
  8. Lee I got that part where to go. I am just pasting the web address to my video in my signature and it turns into that screen shot of the video. I just want it to be the address as a link. How do I get it to be just a link and not the video. That's my question. Steve
  9. For me, the conversion to RGB will continue. I started with 4 colors on everything. The brightness, ease of programming and the many available colors all convince me to continue. Steve
  10. I know someone helped me a year ago, but my searches turn up a black hole for that time frame. I want to take the video out of my signature and only have the link. I think everyone sees what I see , which is the start screen from Vimeo. I feel it's too much "in your face" if you know what I mean. I would like to have -2012 videos- be just a click-able link. http s://vimeo.com/57821613 Sorry for having to ask again. Steve
  11. merrymidget, I am siding with you on this one...........I think the GFCI device does monitor the hot and the neutral.........
  12. As an electrical inspector, I would not approve this suggestion. Though not specifically clear in the code, plumbing pipe is not a listed underground raceway and could be a hazard to any future excavators who can't identify the raceway as electrical. I know there are much worse hazards and clearer code violations, but that's my take on this one. As a code minimum- If one or the other conductors(signal/ supply voltage) are in a raceway, no separation is required from the other. If both are direct buried cables, they must be separated by a minimum of 12 inches. As a general rule, if the power circuit has GFCI protection at the house, the PVC can be 12 inches deep, If the GFCI is at the flag pole, the PVC must be 18" deep. I am not aware of any minimum depth for low voltage cabling. Steve
  13. If I understand the question right, you want to cut the female plug off the end of a string to get them inside the candy cane and you are asking if you need to join the ends of the cut wires to each other once you cut the plug off the end of the string. Do not do this as it will create a dead short and best case, blow the fuses in the male plug end. Worst case, someone gets hurt or you start a fire. If you need to cut the female plug off the end of the string, tape or put shrink tubing on the ends of the wires so that they do not contact each other and so that no one can touch any exposed wire ends. This question worries me and has me thinking that you need someone to sit down and show you how to make this work so no one gets hurt. Steve
  14. +1 Justin, I totally agree........ Vtxrider is wrong and unsafe.............. here we go with more misconception about GFCI protection Steve
  15. Sometimes..................I was able to split strings of 60 count LED's into 30 count strings to rewire my candy canes. Is there a blob in the middle of the string? Thanks all for the kind words about my display. Steve
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