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  1. Sorry to see you go, but I know deep down inside, the Christmas spirit lives on inside of you. Life will do a 360, and all of your issues will be solved. You'll be back, stronger than ever, better than ever!
  2. Is there any "AC" or "DC" letters on the label, near or around the 6v 1.2 a markings? Should be one or the other, not both.
  3. If Santa's arms and head move, the problem may be a simple adjustment. You mentioned that you saw two green wires coming out of his pant leg. The green wires should be connected to a small adjustment device, in technical terms; it’s called a potentiometer or pot. By turning this adjustment with a small screwdriver, you can adjust the speed of Santa’s hips. If you cannot adjust any movement, then the problem is in the control board or wiring.
  4. The head phone wire doesnt look like EL wire to me, its wayyy too bright. It looks to me that its fiber optic, hence the bright spots where it meets at the "Y". The "headphone cord" looks like a 100 strand cable. You can purchase it on ebay or google fiber stars. Fiber stars is just one company. Fiber optics are cheap, it the light source thats pricey. You can even make it change color with the right light source.
  5. Hi, How did you make the white shell part of the coro flake? It looks like you attached (glued) a 2" edge to a precut (snowflake shape) piece of coro. The design is very cool !
  6. Hi, On the website, all I got was a message that they were not processing any new orders for 2010. Try this link: http://www.aldridge-animation.co.uk/
  7. Here is a link I found with some info about the addressable RGB LED strip (i.e. the LOR CCR) http://www.synopticlabs.com/blog/?p=97
  8. I have four boxes of the Phillips blue domed LED lights your looking for, never used, still in the orginial box. $11.00 each plus shipping, paypal accepted. I can combine to save on shipping if you need more boxes. PM me for shipping details. Thanks, Vic
  9. If anyone is still interested, Ebay has "The Christmas Album" CD by David Foster for about $8.00 including shipping. Just search, David Foster.
  10. Since LOR can control Dasher hardware, this opens up lots of possibilities. I currently use the Dasher hardware on several ongoing projects. The Dasher hardware consists of noting else but a programmed chip (PIC) able to
  11. I first became a member when I found this board after talking with Drew Hickman, the father of the Dasher. I think it was late 1999. Yes, I still have a copy of the Dasher software and use the hardware. BTW, Dasher hardware IS still compatable with LOR S2 software, advanced version. It's great for just on/off lighting. <<End shameless plug>> :giggle:
  12. Hi, I saw your post on the airomate RDS forum website, did you get your airomate to work with your soundblaster audio card?

  13. How many hours are on the light bulb? Thanks,
  14. Hi, I does anyone have some 5 or 4 wire clear rope light, for sale? I don't need 150 foot roll, just about 50 feet or less, 1/2" or 3/8" thickness. Action lighting is sold out. Thanks, Vic
  15. There is one little known digital I/O that LOR supports, it
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