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    I'm 15 and I like Christmas lights. And I like computers. When you put the two together, you get computerized Christmas lights.
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    Computers, Music, Model Trains, Christmas Lights,
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    My display has steadily grown from the 3000s/4000s in 2005 to the 15000-some lights in it this year. I almost computerized last year, but didn't have time time or money. I did this year however, and am doing a show with 16 channels this year, and 48 planned for next.
  1. Having spent some time planning my display for next year, I'm coming up 7 or 8 channels short on controllers. So, I figured I'd hop on here and see if anyone wanted to sell me, for a very good price of course, one or two 8-channel LOR or D-Light controllers. They don't have to be in enclosures or include cords, but that'd be a plus. If I don't have any success here, I'm either going to look towards the Lynx SSR4 DMX controllers or just bite the bullet and buy another miserable CTB16PC, like I always seem to end up doing. Email me at chance at reecher dot net if you have something to offer m
  2. Remarkable. I can't imagine how much time goes into that throughout the year, you have created a truly one-of-a-kind display!
  3. From what I have been told, the Philips brand blue incans from Target hold up much nicer than Walmart's. I have Philips red and green sets, and they have not faded yet at all, they're in their fourth time being set up right now.
  4. I'm surprised there haven't been any soldering injuries from assembling new LOR controller boards. I'll be doing that next weekend, let's hope I'm not the first.
  5. Not sure if anyone else has posted a thread about this yet, but I was at Lowes the other day and noticed they jacked their 100-count Mini prices up $.60 to $3.29. I remember when they were $1.99 a box. I'm wondering if the price hike is out of necessity or some sort of ploy intended to drive customers towards LEDs, but really? $3.29 for 100 minis? Sad. Either way, with the price of minis going up and the decreased availalbity of them, I'm glad I'm done buying lights to expand my display. I'm heading off to college next year and will be doing a very, very small show that my family can set u
  6. Not sure how exactly to do it in Windows 7, but I know that for a while I was having graphics issues in LOR on Windows XP and turning off my graphics card's 3D accelleration took care of it. Perhaps your situation is something similar, a graphics issue.
  7. Just bit the bullet and bought two CTB16PC kit boards from LOR, two of the cg-1000 coax demarcation enclosures, and 36 2" extension cords from Monoprice that I'll cut the ends off of and attach spade connectors to to make input and output cords. My total? Just under $320. Not bad.
  8. Well, since LOR still has the $99 CTB16PC kit board, I guess I'd better act quickly and ****** two up before they go the way of everything else. I'll give this thread another day or two, and if I have nothing by Saturday night I'll bite the bullet and order. I have a show planned, and I need to do whatever it takes to get said show up and running.
  9. Bumping this, I still do not have controllers. I was (haven't heard from them in two weeks) working with a potential lead, but not sure how that's going to pan out. I was just going to forget about used and get CTB16PC boards from the LOR sale, but for anyone who is following that thread, no one is sure what's going to be on sale and what isn't, so in fear of not being able to purchase from LOR I'm giving this another shot. As I said above, I'm looking for at least two but preferrably four 8-channel D-Light or LOR controllers. If I only get two 8-channel units then I will also be in need o
  10. I use the labeler for my LOR controller's output cords and for my main power extension cords. Since I have 7 dedicated circuits for the display, and each one doesn't just feed one controller, I need to keep them straight so I don't overload anything. as I'm hooking controllers up. Printing labels for anything else would be a pain, a waste of money, and a waste of time. Otherwise I just sharpie the ends of my extension cords. When I have multiple cords of the same length running from one point to another I sharpie the item or color on the end. I also sharpie the cord's length on the end too, m
  11. Funny this thread surfaces the day I lose data to hard drive failure. I'm something of a backup nut, I run a small home server with 2x500GB drives for data files and 2x1TB drives for media files, one of each size is strictly for backups, which run every night at 3AM. I have every program I've ever downloaded archived on said server, as well as every OS installer for my computers. Hence, I see no need to back up my individual machines, as I can reinstall the OS and programs with relative ease. My desktop logs in to the server, so I have no user data on it's drive, and I only use my lapt
  12. Wow... I'm 17, you'd think "Power Wheels" would click in my head as a large ride-on for kids... I figured it was a remote control car. Those motors will do plenty fine.
  13. No to be a downer, but those motors you pulled from the toy aren't going to do you much good for raising and lowering a heavy screen. Those motors are geared for speed, not torque, and won't work very well, if at all, for what you want to do. You either need to gear them down or just find motors that are already geared down to a very low RPM, something around 60-70 is what I suggest. As far as control, I don't think you want these controlled directly by the DC board, I'm not even sure it's doable, at least not if you want the motor to reverse. I suggest getting 4 relays and wiring them so
  14. Great. I think what I'm going to do is just have one file on the display that is updated by the computer for the current song name and use my IR remote to set up the rest of my messages and schedule them.
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