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    Fist year with LOR, and having a blast with it.
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    A nice static display until this year with lor and I don't know where I am going to put all the lights I keep buying
  1. Try these you might need to use some hot glue to help them stick better.
  2. I have the GE energy smart (the green and white box) in mini and C-5 how many are you looking for?
  3. Very nice we plan on going down there to see your display next week.
  4. I have been searching on how to use a cheap fogger I have 2 from walmart from a couple years ago but I want my LOR to trigger it instaed of the remote. Any ideas. Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone I appreciate all your comments and stories. We will see what happens we won over our last HOA so hopefully we can with this one also. BTW wish me luck as elections for the board are in November and I am going to run for a seat. LOL
  6. Thanks Frost you at least made me laugh today. I think you are right, and whatever happens well the worst they can do is send us a notice and maybe a fine. I know Richard H. had his issues and finally won so we will see what happens this year.
  7. Can you tell me how you deal with your HOA in reguards to your display. We bought our house last year and didn't do much for Christmas but I get the feeling our HOA board has nothing better to do than nit pick. So I re-read our CC&R's and there is nothing on holiday decorations. Just to be sure I e-mailed the property management and asked what type of time restictions are for displaying decorations. I recieved an e-mail that said there is nothing in them, but the board is going to review it now, but it seems that they are saying you can put them up the day after Thanksgiving with having to
  8. Try Command Hooks they work great
  9. Are you doing 50% down, final payment when shipped?
  10. Has anyone used the Walmart LEDS this year? They have the mini's this year in red,blue,green and white also some on white wire, and I was wondering if they are any good. Thanks
  11. I agree with you 100%. If you can buy them at 75 or 90% they will last about 3-4 years so the cost isn't too bad. That is what I use, I have never done the tomato cage or easel.
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