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    Valley (SURFACE) Of The Sun, Phoenix
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    I be jus' a scurvy scallywagged swash-buckeling pirate, born in NJ (but close ta me firs' luv, th' ocean), grew up in DC, and seein' th' job market fer pirates nigh really there, an airline pilot I be. Now livin' in the Valley(SURFACE) of the Sun, Phoenix, an' flying for a major airline still. Wife(Tia Dalma), 2 girls(town wenches) and a scurvy dog..
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    Homebuilt halloween 3-axis talkin' skull props.. Halloween 2009 saw 12 talkin' singin' pirates aboard a 24' long, 22' high three-masted Disney Pirates O' Th' Caribbean pirate ship in me fron' yarrrrrd! 'twas third year fer me pirates, they be retire
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    Airline Pilot
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    Tho they all be incandescent minis, 2006/2007 was my first try at animating my lights, powered by a Lights & Sounds Of Christmas controller. Was nice, but I wanted more control over both the lights & sounds. 2008 I got two of RJ's Lynx controllers. Only got one to work properly :( Mid-November 2009, I decided to try my first LOR controller, obtaining a second one a week later. Now, with a third LOR 16PC kit, and just over 10,000 lights.., my first try at Mega and Mini trees, it's a whole new world opening. Already started on sequencing to be able to give back to those coming after me.

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