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  1. Last year I wanted to make some large sno flakes for the front of the house.. I had found how to make them from tomato cages.. now, they could be welded, but I havent any welding experience, or hardware.. so zip ties worked well for me.. Take one tomato cage, Cut each loop halfway between the legs. (1) Bend eack cut loop straight (3) Bend each straight leg to form an "arrow" (4) Lay out each "arrow" butt end to end (5) zip-tie (or weld) the longest legs together Bend cut legs out so they are evenly spaced to look like a snowflake. Wrap with white garland (or spr
  2. Plus, you can set the intensity to something less than 100% to keep the load down.. Most probably wouldnt notice the difference between 75/80% and 100%. You can change the intensity in Tools.
  3. I built 4 arches using 1/2" pvc for the arch and 1 1/2" for the sleeves, 12" rebar with 6" hammered into the ground to hold them up. tension is entirely dependant on how tight you make the arch. My 4 arches are 6' at the base. I pre-bent the arches, tied them "bent" with twine to hold the arc stored in my garage during the summer (abt 110F temps). Untied them and the arc held in place. I actually had to flatten out the arch to slide the 8 sleeves on. The sleeves cant go flying away as the cord would restrict it "leaving the premises". Like Jason said, if it happens, better go buy
  4. I agree, adding just a few more channels for the 6 segments would make it a lot smoother.. you can plug matching segments from the arches into the same channel so the arches look mirrored.. segment 1 for arches 1-8, then seg 2 for arches 1-8, seg 3 for arches 1-8... etc.. makes them all leap at the same time.. it can save you channels for many arches, but still would look good. TJ
  5. Dang, 'shudda poked ma eyes out when I had the chance..
  6. After seeing quite a few posts from those looking for 12 and 5vdc power to run lights, servos or props, I thot I'd post these links for converting old pc supplies for bench use. Most pc supplies from 10-15yrs ago and before, were the AT variety, supplied enough voltage and current to run the board, (usaully) a single hard drive, maybe a CDROM and a cooling fan.. not much more than 5-10A req'd at startup.. Now, with multiple drives, both hard and optical being the norm, mega-giga-tera-quadra-lotta-video cards and processors being "entry-level" now, many pc supplies that came with computers
  7. Scot, I posted to your other thread re: looking for 120v -> 12v power supplies. Look into using an old PC supply for your 12v, 5v, and 3vdc needs, they at the very least, supply 10amps, and some of the more recent (last 5yrs or so) supply up to 24A. Check ST's page for how to use a pc supply: http://www.scary-terry.com/atxps/atxps.htm. You'll still need a meter tho. This is the BEST link for using a pc supply: http://web2.murraystate.edu/andy.batts/ps/powersupply.htm
  8. And if you're wrapping arches with them, they get stretched anyway.. Big timesaver is just plug them in and check'em if you're going to stretch'em out.
  9. Wallwarts dont have a red/black wiring.. it's black twinlead, with the pos having a white stripe, neg just being solid black. Ernie said white-striped black is neg.. I'm pretty sure thats the pos + lead.. again, you need to check it with a meter. Scot, if you have a HarborFreight neaby, they have small multimeters on sale til the end of the month for $2. I have several because they're so inexpensive. If not, you can check RadioShack, but their cheapest is $10. You can try WalMart/Target in the Home Improvement section too.
  10. Check with Greg, one of the members here and on LOR forums, he's got a store (http://www.christmasonmanor.com/store/) with LED Floods and washes.. A lot of guys are buying the Rainbow Flood kits (54 RGB leds) for less than $15. I ordered 4 of them, just came in but I havent had time to build them yet.. 'told it's abt 30mins to solder it up and the amount of light it puts out is amazing. http://www.christmasonmanor.com/store/product.php?id_product=14. It's powered by either his BrainBoard (with DMX) or just by LOR's DC board (without DMX), (I went without for mine). They come kit form ($14
  11. Using PC power supplys have been an easy way to get both 12 and 5vdc with at least 10A loads.. Since most of the newer supplies (ATX) have to power hard drives, video cards, optical drives and cooling fans, along with USB power taps, they are rated at 20A and higher.. THe older AT supplys wont normally go that high, but you could get 10A easy out of them.. Here's a link to PC supply tech: http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=31105&seqNum=4 has a lot of good info for pinouts and loading.. Here's a link to ScaryTerry's power supply page: http://www.scary-terry.com/atxp
  12. HARHARHAR!! I've been doing Halloween reeeeeally big for a lotta years, but the last 3 years (Pirates Of The Caribbean) have been the biggest.. it's hard to miss a 24' pirate ship in the front yard, it was such a big display 2yrs ago, it went up in the backyard and it was a whole walk-thru.. ..point being, I let them know ahead of time, what I was planning, and asked it they had any trouble with the display going up. The neighbors on each side liked watching it being built, liked the pirate music playing while I was working on it. No one had any qualms, and even the LDS neighbors across
  13. I started doing a search for LED flood/wash lights and saw these.. is there any way to know if they'll dim properly? Some are 120v AC, some (last one) is 12vdc.. http://cgi.ebay.com/1pcs-10W-RED-LED-FloodLight-Garden-Landscape-Wash-Lamp-/170506576135?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27b2fbe107 http://cgi.ebay.com/90-Led-Floodlight-PAR-30-Indoor-Outdoor-Glass-12-Volt-/370252251570?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item9502faffbd http://cgi.ebay.com/1pcs-10W-BLUE-LED-FloodLight-Garden-Landscape-Wash-Lamp-/170506261857?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_Def
  14. Another place to check, Goodwill or Habitat For Humanity ReStores.. the ReStore in Mesa (Phoenix) had a large (3' x 3') box FILLED with light sets for $5, had to be 100+ sets in it, for $5.. were some of them busted/junk, probably, but for $5?
  15. I like that idea of either pvc or furring strips.. My rope light and icicle clips dry/crack during the year (Phoenix) so I keep having to replace them, but the idea of mouting the rope/icicles to strips and just hanging them from eyelets makes that very appearing, easier to manage/store too.. TJ
  16. Yes, you can use a wiper motor at less than the 12vdc it normally runs on.. you cant run an AC motor at less volts without burning it up. I use a bunch of wiper motors each powered by router wallwarts ([email protected]) that rotate at abt 15rpm. For your items to rotate, dont forget about using lazy-susan swivel plates for smooth movement/mounting. I picked up several at HomeDepot, $5/ea to use on my stuffed animal ice-rink (http://www.youtube.com/user/skygodtj#p/u/31/c72ZfvUPq0c). The swivel carries all the weight of the plywood and the motor spins it effortlessly. TJ
  17. I had posted in one of the other threads about using electical breaker boxes for enclosures. I had found several full size boxes at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore for $10 each.. most of the boxes are at least 18" long, btwn 4"-6" deep and have room for at least 4 boards, with 6 or more boards in the bigger boxes). They have busses for mounting, punchouts for the cords.. and a padlock tab to keep anyone out. Since it's metal, outdoor-rated (breaker boxes have to be), it's also a good heatsink. Since it's HfH, it's also tax-deductable.. This really isnt an enclosure post, but just an ide
  18. EB, most excellent pix, that cleared up a lot.. yeah, I agree for that height, just a little tilt is needed. thank you for the pix!
  19. Thanks EB.. ok, I think I got it.. it's 5x5 pvc box with lights woven like (square) lattice.. you have each color along each leg? Yeah, if you have pix that would be terrific.. My lawn's abt 45x50, I just laid down 10 strings of 300ct whites on the ground (it's pretty dry out here in Phoenix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRqQfBvQPN4 but with large arches and even some mini-arches between the canes planned for 2010.. what you've got is a great way to start for me. Thanks!
  20. EB, Ooops, 'just asked this on your YT page, but if you're here.. what lights did you use for the lawn/grass areas behind the arches (the long rectangles)? Net lights or single strings? The fill-in of it behind the arches looks good.. 2010 will be my second year using LOR, I'm adding arches for the front yard, not sure how many now as they really seem to be (and everyone agrees) they eat up channels quickly unless paralleled..
  21. I got on with America West Airlines in '96, did a week on/week off until 'March '99, after that only made it home 2 days a week.. thats why the move out west in Sept '99. Really miss the area.. The folks out there(Hampton) did a lot more display than the areas I'm in(Phoenix).. You guy's lights look great! Carry on!
  22. Ooooooooh, you guys are making me homesick!! I lived in Hampton 11yrs, on Long Bridge, just off Fox Hill. I was commuting out to Phoenix each week for 4 yrs (airline pilot) so I had to mov the family out here.. Yer displays look great! 'Miss the area a lot..
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