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  1. Sweet... IT's CLAP TIME! It's on the calendar and ready to go.
  2. Heh... Got my vote. Can't wait to see what comes to the table this year and again I will bring my camera. **Grins.
  3. Yep I'll be there.. I emailed as well. :giggle:
  4. Either date will work for me currently. But I put down the 24th since folks are leaning toward that date. :santasmileyitty:
  5. WOOT!!! This means I may see something soon as well. "W" :santasmileyitty: Getting excited and can't wait...
  6. Thanks Paul for the update. :santasmileyitty::santasmileyitty:
  7. yep got our preorder a week ago but do to work have not been able to look at all of them. Was able to plug a few in to check out and they look good! Still no word on the replacements here either. But I'm sure Paul will be sending them out soon.
  8. Just hooked up my network under the house so I have perminant cat5 outside in several locations, put together my first set of 6 LOR boxes (I'm a static display convert). Everything going good so far... connected 3 of the boxes with a few spare light strands from yrs before... and wow everything going as planned. We have lights! Now for some of them cool LED lights! So until then we're painting the house a Mint Green with med/dk Green Trim. Still haven't been able to talk the wife into painting front door Red.. or stripe the garage door with green/white/red. Just ain't going to happen
  9. Gives me a bit more time to make room in my storage area!
  10. Sweet... Time to make space for more goodies. Our first year for LED and LOR. So we're already busy planning but nothing as Grand as some of the fantastic displays I've seen online or in person so far. But it will be a start! Will be sitting near door waiting for the LED candy... *Grins
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