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  1. hi do you still have your easter blow molds

  2. It's been broken forever. I am listed as a member with this should make 71 posts yet I have close to 8000 posts. I do feel status is an important feature that should be based on forum time and post number should be listed. This tool is used to determine people's identity and reputation when interacting and buying/selling stuff. I want to know when someone became a member, the levels of membership so I can see how fast they advanced and I want to see their real post count. This stuff matters when it comes to forming responses and determining if I want to pursue a for sale/wanted listing. I'm sorry but I don't want to deal with jos blow that showed up yesterday and wants to sell me a $500 item and has 4 posts. I would also like to see the membership list made available and become more useful again where it can be searched by state/city and those lists brought up.
  3. It's not as simple as a newbie asking a question and the oldsters coming in to be snarky and rude. We have legitimate reasons for not postings on PC any longer but many of of do still interact on other forums, facebook and via the PM system. And some even do step in and post from time to time. Keep in mind that myself as well as other have been here over ten years or more in this community and we have earned our good reputations. We would be foolish to let newbies come in and tarnish the with false accusations and pure stupidity. There of course is a back story to this, Santa Joe wanted to purchase some molds from a good standing member who has a stellar reputation on PC and who does still post here, He had the arrogant idea that the member should just send him over $100 worth of merchandise plus shipping and let him look it over and decide if he liked it and wanted to pay, of course this is just ridiculous and would be to any sane person. So after the member refused Santa Joe went off on some rampage quoting God, Jesus and went on to tell said member that he had found out what circle of friends he kept and therefore he was a bad person and others here at PC had told him that he was a bad person and these friends were bad people. He went on to tell the member that he was planning to warn people at PC not to do business with this member. Now all of this is based on theses facts : This seller refused to send items without payment He has friends that other people at PC feel are "bad people" And apparently God has warned him not to trust him Names were brought into the mix. Now this is just insane from the start. And to top it off now there is a thread and people think this foolish newbie is being attacked? You people have lost your minds. Maybe you all should send him some blow molds and collect payments later, IF he likes them and IF you have the right kind of friends and IF whomever is in his ear tells him the truth or more made up lies. A threat to slander a friend's name for no reason and people in this guy's ear making accusations about the friends he keeps is what brought the oldsters out. I would almost 100% bet I am on that list. And why? Because I speak the truth and don't blow snowdust on everything that goes on around here? Santa Joe - You are wrong - simple as that. Wrong about the way business is done on PC, online in general. And I'm certain you know that. There is no way you could expect someone to send you merchandise without payment. You are wrong about the seller - he is good seller, a good man, a good member and a good friend. You are wrong about the friends he keeps - I know them all personally and each and everyone possess such high character that you and your little earwigs will never be able to obtain. These people have stood beside me through thick and thin over the years and they have helped me tremendously. They have done more good for their communities than many. They all have huge hearts and even though they might possess a take no **** attitude and a humorous approach to life it doesn't make them bad people. They are my friends as well and I don't take too kindly to people disrespecting them. You are most likely wrong about your source of information - You might want to take a good long look at the "friends" giving you this information. I would be willing to bet if you knew their background you would find that they were the wolves in sheep's clothing. I have been on this board since 2001, I know everybody here, new and old. We have had people come and go and it has always been a battle of new vs old, good vs evil. Along the way there was at one point a happy medium and a core group was formed but when moderation, rules and good sense went out and chaos,dishonesty and distrust was allowed to reign the oldsters left. But we are never far. My inbox is open or I am on Facebook if you would like some TRUE insight on your "friends"
  4. The motor you purchased is insufficient for the inflatable. It states in the description up to 9 foot inflatables but goes on the say "skinny" inflatables. These inflatables hold much less air than even a regular 6-8 ft model. This new motor came off of one of those tall skinny santa, ghost or witch inflatables that are 9 feet tall but they are only about 12 - 15 inches in diameter. Your best bet would be to look on clearance or at yard sales and find an old inflatable of like size to strip the motor from. But First I would check out the problem with your grinch and make sure it's the motor and not the fabric. In my experience the motor either dies or runs, it doesn't decline over the years. That sounds more like your fabric degrading.
  5. Sounds like next year needs to be a two day!
  6. I heard hobby lobby has started putting their halloween out. You might check there.
  7. Wow...seriously? This is a Holiday forum and you are having a garage sale. There used to be rules written in here about non holiday items for sale but then over the years it just became common sense not to list stuff for sale unrelated to our hobby. There are plenty of classified ad sites available to sell things on. Ever hear of Craigslist? Ebay? I think I recall one person who listed a house for sale....
  8. I can get them for $43.29 shipped....I better jump on that deal!
  9. # 1 I think the thread needs to stay. It's entertaining plus you can't just post a thread and they back peddle when you didn't get the response you were looking for. That is the reason the edit/delete threads buttons were removed many years ago. Threads are only cleansed/closed/deleted when they go off course or serve no further purpose. # 2 I do understand stand why you are upset. If the buyer told you she was buying to display them and match her santa that led you to believe they were going to a good home. But those are just tactics to get the item when it comes to buying/reselling. Some of those people will stop at nothing. We have a few of those vultures here as members that are only here for that purpose. I expected to see one of their EBAY names when I clicked this thread. If they had that much sentimental value you would not have sold them. EBAY is open to whomever wants to bid. In the future if you want your items to go to good homes where they will be displayed properly, get to know the people here and find out who buys to display and who buys and resells/trades. Sell to those who tend to hold on to stuff. If it's more the money aspect. Sell on EBAY and ask what they are worth rather than let them go at $25. As for her reselling. If the auction listed is indeed her. I doubt she will. She doesn't market her items well. She doesn't list key words and she misspells. No offer to ship. Her other items don't sell for what they should. I see am airblown grinch on there from last year that sold for $38. The description is no longer available but those things go for $400 easily...used...she's not doing something right.
  10. I'm pretty sure Vermont country store used to have this santa face on their site but I went to look ans it's no longer there but I did find these two interesting goodies. http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/products/For-The-Home/Holiday-Decor/Santa-with-Reindeer.html?evar3=search http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/products/For-The-Home/Holiday-Decor/Caroler-Family.html?evar3=cross%20sells
  11. Thank you to all the bidders and to Frank.
  12. Thanks Frank and thank you to the bidders...
  13. That's sad...I will be thinking about this family. My 3 yr old cousin has been fighting leukemia but thankfully she is in remission. These kids are so strong. I don't think I could go through what they do. To get tested for bone marrow http://www.marrow.org/ Another very important thing with these kids is blood. They need constant transfusions of platelets. These donations can be made to the red cross and can be directed to go to an individual. http://www.redcrossb...types-donations
  14. Gene...I am so sorry for your loss. I think the memorial is a fantastic idea. The gift theme is a nice touch and it;s unique to you and your Mom. I would use one Angel to represent her and surround the sign with other molds that hold gifts. I like those empire/genfoam teddy bears that are holding gifts. Another thing that I do each year to honor my deceased son is the Angel tree. I think picking a child from there in honor of your mother would bring comfort. I think there is even a program out there like that but it has senior citizens instead of children. It brings my family a great deal of joy and comfort each year.
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