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  1. I have a Rangestar FS CZH 05B FM transmitter. I have used the RCA inputs on the back side for several years with no problems. In an attempt to help a local church broadcast services to parishioners in the parking lot I tried to use the mic input and audio input on the front side of the box. I can not get them to work On the screen just to the right of the frequency numbers I have the word mute. As per the manual that came with it I have gone through the power on setup several time and can not get rid of that. I imagine that mute is what is not allowing me to use the front ports. Sea
  2. We will have a meet and greet at 11, lunch at noon and then start the Mini at 1 pm. So far only lunch meat and buns so it is your choice. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.
  3. VA mini coming up this next Saturday the 11th at Franktronics Computer Store located at 3618 George Washington Memorial Highway in Hayes (Gloucester County), Virginia Frank Farmer is working on an itinerary and should have it out on Wednesday. If you have a topic you would like to talk about during the mini, please let Frank know so he can get you on the list. Once you know what you are bring for food, please post on our Face Book page Virginia Holiday Decorators Group so we don’t have any duplication. Also post anything you plan to bring for the sale/trade session. R
  4. I received a commitment from Christmas Done Bright this morning for door prizes.

  5. I usually run my display until the weekend after New Years.
  6. I store mine standing up. I lean them against a wall so the the supports on the back side are touching the wall. I then cover with old towels and sheets. I then lean others against those. They are pretty much standing straight up.
  7. I have two nativities in my display. One strictly religious and the other by Charlie Brown and gang.
  8. Finally got my Grinch, Max & Cindy Lou cutouts completed and installed in the display. It seems like every year I get later and later finishing up my new things.
  9. Sounds just like a youngster. Their way of thinking is so much different than ours.
  10. I took a picture and inserted it into a cell in Excell and then enlarged it. I then printed out a full size pattern to trace.
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