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    Primarily plywood cutouts with a mega tree and other lights.

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  1. I have a Rangestar FS CZH 05B FM transmitter. I have used the RCA inputs on the back side for several years with no problems. In an attempt to help a local church broadcast services to parishioners in the parking lot I tried to use the mic input and audio input on the front side of the box. I can not get them to work On the screen just to the right of the frequency numbers I have the word mute. As per the manual that came with it I have gone through the power on setup several time and can not get rid of that. I imagine that mute is what is not allowing me to use the front ports. Searched the forums with no luck. Tried contacting where I purchased it and apparently they are no longer in business. I tried searching the internet and only came up with ads for purchasing one. Any suggestions?
  2. I received a commitment from Christmas Done Bright this morning for door prizes.

  3. I usually run my display until the weekend after New Years.
  4. I store mine standing up. I lean them against a wall so the the supports on the back side are touching the wall. I then cover with old towels and sheets. I then lean others against those. They are pretty much standing straight up.
  5. I have two nativities in my display. One strictly religious and the other by Charlie Brown and gang.
  6. Finally got my Grinch, Max & Cindy Lou cutouts completed and installed in the display. It seems like every year I get later and later finishing up my new things.
  7. Sounds just like a youngster. Their way of thinking is so much different than ours.
  8. I took a picture and inserted it into a cell in Excell and then enlarged it. I then printed out a full size pattern to trace.
  9. I made this one last year. I put some garland on it this year to hide the stake in the center. I have not gotten any pictures yet this year.
  10. I do not seal my cutouts. I find that the sealer yellows over a short time, especially over white.
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