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  1. Same here ! I bought several for $25 local and sold them on here for double ! im sure used on eBay is your only option. I still have 1 i use to animate my mega tree
  2. I was at menards last night and all there stuff is allready 40% off
  3. all mine came down also - the house looks so dark now.
  4. x2 - thats how all the local stores to me are.
  5. i was thinking it seemd that way around here in MI .... after reading your posts i think i may be right
  6. ive seen several repetes extreme lights 1,2,3 and europe
  7. you don't need the software to DL pics ... 1) put camera in dock 2) turn on 3)click my computer and it should be listed as a little camera icon and say something like V550 4) double click it - pics are in the dcim folder. you can also download the software from Kodak's site.
  8. you can cover it in net lights
  9. ut-oh ... someones on the naughty list ...
  10. I think it looks great just the way it is ! Another option may be rope light ? Pretty sure you can get it in a flavor that you can cut to any length you want. you would be able to round the corners then if you wanted a slightly different look
  11. need pics of it lit up !! man i dont thi nk i would want to mess with a clay roof !
  12. You just run a extension cord to every other one - ( so three cords in your case )
  13. I found this at Krogers of all places.. Im a big fan of things that can be broken down for easier storage. Once assembled this thing is 42" accross . . . For size reference.. the cat is like 14 pounds
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