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    Warwick, Rhode Island, USA
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    I have a BSEE from University of New Haven and work in Electrical Engineering doing communications test equipment design and applications since graduation in 1980. Currently working for Agilent Technologies as Applications Engineer supporting test equipment for wireline communications equipment (primarily Large Routers). My wife and I live in the "Ocean State", Rhode Island, near the Providence Airport. I own an IFR equipped Cessna 172 that is based at PVD.
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    Aviation, Home Theater, and of course- Halloween and Christmas animated light displays!
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    Aplications Engineer
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    In 2008 48 channels, 8' 16 channel single color (blue LEDs) megatree, 10 mini trees, and 4 colors of lights along eaves, in wreath, and shrubs. Coro Santa Face. Coro Snoopy and House.
    For 2009 will have 128 channels of LOR. Will increase Mega tree to 16 feet (still blue LEDs) and have 20 mini trees each with 4 colors. Adding a Coro Charlie Brown and Lucy with Psychiatrist Stand. Might also do a coro Snowman.
  1. Hi everyone, My name is Howard and I live in Warwick. This will be our 5th year with LOR. Last year we had about 30,000 lights on 272 channels. This year we will be adding a couple of star bursts, another multicolor wreath (RGBW on individual channels), and more trees (also RGBW). I have two more LOR controllers that I bought during the spring LOR sale that I have to assemble so I can go up to 304 channels this year. We will probably have 35,000 or so lights. We plan to look at the other LOR displays around the state this year. Howard
  2. We started ours on the day after Thanksgiving with only some of the arches. I completed the last (4th) arch yesterday. The show runs from 4:30PM until 11PM each night. Howard
  3. John, I will probably place an order with CDI but have not decided on exactly what yet. I may add more colors to the Megatree for next year. I will let you know if splitting cases would work. I was in Walgreens in Apponaug this afternoon, they had a few boxes of minis at 50% off. Howard
  4. John, Paul Sessel has posted the pre-order CDI prices in the L.E.D.s forum, you can order through the end of January. Most of the lights in my display are M6 LEDs from CDI. Howard
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. Howard - another Warwick RI resident!
  6. Chuck, Nice job on the magazine, great reading. I would also like the option of a PDF download version for off-line reading and archive. Another magazine I subscribe to in E format is Circuit Cellar, they recently switched to a flash format but there is a download as PDF button in the flash player. This is great for me since I prefer PDF over Flash. They only have the most recent few issues on-line, downloading PDF is the ONLY way to archive issues if you are not a print subscriber. Howard
  7. Ours is still running. I was originally planning to start taking it down today but we still have a few inches of snow. So if it is still up we might as well let it run! Howard
  8. I also did not have any GFCI tripping until Christmas Eve. We have had several heavy rains previously without any tripping problems. But the recent snow storm and some melting left a lot of ice on parts of our display. While it was below freezing everthing still worked great, LEDs inside of real ice look great! But on Christmas eve it warmed up and we had rain. Our display is on two ciricuits, one tripped leaving half the display out. I reset it and it would work for a few minutes then trip again. I tried to isolate the problem but it was not any specific load, so it must have been an accumul
  9. RI_Pilot

    "Noisy" LEDs

    Phil, I have the '08 CDI strings in my display. I am having some crosstalk issues with parts of some sequences, but it is not too serious. The most visible case is when sequentially fading the Blue 50s on my little Mega tree (16 strands of Blue M5 50s), some static wireframe deer with standard minis set to 50% on a different controller will flicker dimmer for several seconds, then back to normal in a repeating pattern as the tree "rotates". To help my strings (M5 red, green, and blue 50s and M5 cool white 100s) survive the season I put resistors in series with the AC (before the rectifie
  10. Phil, Thanks for posting the scope displays. The AC waveform for your isolation transformer output is dipping during the current peaks. What is the VA rating for your transformer? The peak current (and noise generated) would be higher if the AC input current was not restricted by the transformer. Howard
  11. I just got back from Michaels and bought one of the Halloween countdown clocks for $8. All you do is enter the number of days-1 until whatever and the current time, it then starts the countdown. The LED display can be used to count down to any event. I just powered it up and it is already counting down to Christmas. Just need to make a new front for it. Howard
  12. This is our first time using LOR. We did a Halloween display with tombstones, talking pumpkins, bat, ghost, pumpkin head ghoul, skulls, and jack-o-lanterns. I made the tombstones from Coro and used purple LEDs. The talking pumpkins are coro with orange LEDs. The bat is coro with blue LEDs and 2 red C7s for eyes. The ghost is also coro with cool white LEDs and green C7s for eyes. 32 channels total. We were happy with the results and got a lot of visitors on Halloween. We ran the show for the over 3 weeks and took it down the day after Halloween. I posted a couple of videos to Vimeo. I sequen
  13. Hey CrazyLightKid, Can you tell us more about the display? What else has been set up? Howard, another Rhode Islander
  14. M7 is 1A 1000V diode. 250V474J is 0.47uf, 250V, 5% 5623 could be 562,000 ohms, 1%. Howard
  15. Duke, It still is 4 diodes, two at each end of the LED string. The full wave bridge rectifier has been split into two halves to allow the AC to carry through to the end of the string for chaining. Howard
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