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    Bakersfield California (about 1.5 hours north of L.A.)
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    Born in Missouri moved to California in 97. Love putting up Christmas lights for others to see and enjoy. My wife supports my light craze and feeds me a lot of ideas. She is the greatest wife I have ever had.
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    Lights, my wife, our granddaughter who lives with us.
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    Self Employed
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    A static display for many years. Bought LOR in June of 08 but did not get it up and running for 08 display. Look out 09. This year I had almost 40,000 mini lights. We have a 40 foot red wood tree in our front yard and I wrap it from ground to tip top with minis. My granddaughter has claimed this tree as HER Christmas tree. She is 5 years old and she goes up in the lift with me and she puts the tip top light on it every year for the last 3 years.
  1. I am in Bakersfield. Live in the Rosedale area. I would love to get together with you some time. Here is my email [email protected] give me a shout. Kenneth.
  2. Please keep me posted! Add me to your list of crazy Christmas Light people
  3. My wife and I live in Bakersfield and we would reeally be interested in meeting other folks that are as crazy about Christmas lights as we are. Does anyone know of any up coming events in the area?
  4. Well I am no pro but I think you have a great idea! I can not see why your idea would not work and maybe faster than some others I have seen on how to do this type of tree. Thanks for posting your idea.
  5. My wife is a huge Carlos Santana fan and I am going to do at least 1 Santana song for her for the 2010 show. I am sure it will take a lot of time to do it but it will be worth it for her. Has anyone on here ever done any of his songs?
  6. Stephen WOW!!!!!!! Love your photos. Do you have any videos? My wife and I would really like to see your show in action.
  7. tfisher: thanks for the input. Just wondering how tall is your mega tree? and how many strobes do you have inside it? What is the spacing on your strobes?
  8. This year was my first year doing LOR it went really well and had lots of people tell us it was great. Last year I was given a commercial Mega Tree pole that is 40ft tall. My wife says "Go for it and stand it the whole 40ft" . Gotta love her for that!!!!!!!!! This will be my first year with a mega tree and would like your input as to how many channels do you think I should cut it up into using 1 color? I would like to put 3 different colors on it but will just have to see how many lights it will take. Any way how many channels should I cut it up into and how big should the slices be? T
  9. WOW!!!!!!!! Philip that is going to be some kind of Mega Tree.. I was given a commercial mega tree ploe for free that is 40' tall. I will not have the funds to put the amount of channels on it as you are going to use but what would you say I should use on it for 1 color? How should I cut it into slices?
  10. That is a really cool looking display. That is close to what I want to do but only on my roof. Maybe even add some of his friends too.
  11. I am thinking of adding a Mickey Mouse song for next year and if I do I am going to put at least one Mickey Mouse head dancing around on the house. I think it would add a nice touch.
  12. I bought a Ramsey 25B from someone here on PC and I am totally pleased with it. I am transmitting on 103.9 and it is as clear as a bell for well over 1,000 feet in any direction. In two directions you can get it really close to 1/2 mile. Not that you can see my lights that far unless you are in an airplane. LOL, . Anyway Ramsey is what I would get.
  13. Man I wish our Wal-Mart's here had light to put on sale. We have 4 wal-mart's here and none of them have more than 20 boxes of lights of any type in the store and there is one store that has not got even 1 box of lights.
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