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    Kissimmee, Florida, USA
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    I have been living in the Orlando area for over 20 years now. Christmas in Florida is a little different since it is usually still warm and there is no snow!! To create the Christmas Spirit I do it with lights!!!
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    Traveling, Sun & Fun, Fishing, Boating, Golfing, Gambling, and Christmas Lights of course
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    Real Estate Agent/Investor and I am also a Jack of a Lot of Trades - Like Handyman and Landscaping
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    My entire display is not animated currently but I will be doing something this year. I have candy canes lining the yard, snow flakes for the roof line and a couple different airblowns. I am adding not only the animated lights but I am making arches for the driveway, Merry Christmas banner for the roof, and my own version of a mega tree out of mini trees. The biggest project is a 20 foot snowflake on the roof made from several smaller snowflakes that will all dance to the music. It is quite the project so I may not be able to get it all done this year.

    Update December 2010 - got rid of 20ft snowflake and made multi-channels that dance over the entire roof. Moved arches to yard area and added mini trees in between candy canes and put out C6 lights outlining the yard as well.

    Things to do for 2011 - I will be constructing 4 Bi-Colored Arches of White on all - Red, Green, Blue, and Purple with one of each color on seperate arches and will incorporate "Splash Pads" at the base of each
  1. Well I decided to build my own sign this year as well and I had a local sign shop design what I wanted and I built the "box" and candy canes. I think total I spent was $85 for sign design and the wood and pvc another $30 so for a little over $100 this is what I have now...If you go to my web site you can see my "unprofessional" coroplast with marker signs...HUGE difference!!!! www.MusicalChristmasLightShow.com Let me know if anyone wants more details... PS - Web Site is new this year too so any feedback is appreciated!!!!
  2. The Snowflakes I got from Walmart & Target. The middle snowflake is a 36" and the next row is 24". The outside rows are 6" & 9" diameters (same ones I have on the eaves) and come 9 to a strand and each strand has their own controller that I set to twinkle when they come on. I also took the strands that had a couple of burned out flakes and just scattered them around on the roof. I want to make new snowflakes for this year from LEDs and coroplast. But I want to get my new arches done first. Let me know if you have any further questions...I'll be glad to help...
  3. Hello All!! Couple of quick questions...I am wanting to add 4 Arches for my display in 2011. I want to do White, Red, Green, Blue, and Purple...all seperate colors meaning 5 colors per section...8 sections...4 arches. That means I need to order 160 strings which will also need 10 16-Channel LOR controllers!! My question is...Has anyone tried to do that many channels on an arch? What size light would be the best "color" and "efficiency"? Since I was thinking of LEDs it will quite expensive but in reading so many posts there seem to be some issues with "burnout". Any suggestions would be hel
  4. Yeah I will have to say that it sparked me to ramp it up another notch next year!!! He was the one I was afraid would call code enforcement on the power usage or something but now LOOK OUT here come the lights now!!! I have lots of plans for next year and have already started on them!!! Thanks for all your comments!!!
  5. Have you rented from them before? Are they nice? I checked out the pics but...they are pics... I am planning on going and it will be my first PLUS. I mentioned it to my wife and she was all excited about going so as far as I can tell...I will be there!!! Also going to bring along some friends...the ones that want me to help do a light show for his mom in Arizona. Coming from Florida that will be a feat including getting my own show up and running!!!! It will be a fun year!!!!
  6. I am planning on going to the "PLUS" in Gatlinburg this year and was just chatting with another member who says there are no golfers in PC...If that's true...Noone will respond to this post...If not maybe you would be interested in doing a Golf Scramble of sorts!?!?! Let me know and if there is enough interest I will check it all out....I have worked with MANY tourneys in setting them up so it would be no big deal....Lots of fun and a round of golf...What could be better?!?!?!?!
  7. Well I just need 4 16 Channel controllers and don;t want to wait till July Sale...if anyone is dumoing some...
  8. GREAT JOB!!!! Adds a "New" dimension to "Firesticks and Stars" I will make mine similar to yours in coming year or so...next year...bi-colored arches!! When I am ready I will PM you for more details...maybe day time pics?!?!?! These would work GREAT for 4th of July display too!!!!
  9. Welcome my firends!!! Thanks for checking me out!!! To see my videos at least until I can get a web site designed go to YouTube and in search bix type/copy paste ChristmasLightsFL and you can see my videos....I will be adding 4 arches with bi-colors for next year with Arch "Pads" and "Spalsh" to them. I will also be adding Jingle Bells by request of a 12 year old girl in my neighborhodd since it is her "Favorite" song as well as a "Techno" version of Jinglr Bells for my wife. I also have a friend that wants my help builfing hid mom a display in Kingman, AZ...so I will be going "Nation Wide" this year!!!

  10. Great Job Paul!!! I have checked out your video before...Still helped to spark me to "new" arches. I currently have 4 arches but all Multi Garland single channel...wrong way for those looking to start out!!! If you are gonna do it...do it right...I have been disappointed with mine...So to fix it...next year 4 more arches, all white with additional color for each arch...1 Red..2 Green,,3Purple..4 Blue. I will be also adding Arch "Pads" and "Splash" for added effects. It will take some time to sequence but I think the outcome will be "INCREDIBLE". I will be using C6 size for durability and crisp
  11. Well since I am not in the beautiful Twin Cities area and I have a few trips planned to Kingman, AZ for a new project I probably won't make it there...but if you need help sequencing...I need the practice!!!! For selfish reasons if nothing else!! LOL Let me know if I can help....otherwise good luck!!!!
  12. NP...if anyone responding has them...let me know...Thanks...
  13. No White on White LEDs???? I need some for my Candy Canes that are burning out year after year I have had to shrink the nimber of Canes due to bulb burn out...I want LEDs to replace all of them....Let me know...
  14. I am not sure where Burnsville HS or Apple Valley....but I am in Orlando, FL and would be willing to help where I can...if it makes sense....I am going to do a display on Kingman, AZ this year along with mine so I am "branching out" if you will and looking to do some "cool" stuff with programming arches...Let me know if I can be of service!!!!
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