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    Kissimmee, Florida, USA
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    I have been living in the Orlando area for over 20 years now. Christmas in Florida is a little different since it is usually still warm and there is no snow!! To create the Christmas Spirit I do it with lights!!!
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    Traveling, Sun & Fun, Fishing, Boating, Golfing, Gambling, and Christmas Lights of course
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    Real Estate Agent/Investor and I am also a Jack of a Lot of Trades - Like Handyman and Landscaping
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    My entire display is not animated currently but I will be doing something this year. I have candy canes lining the yard, snow flakes for the roof line and a couple different airblowns. I am adding not only the animated lights but I am making arches for the driveway, Merry Christmas banner for the roof, and my own version of a mega tree out of mini trees. The biggest project is a 20 foot snowflake on the roof made from several smaller snowflakes that will all dance to the music. It is quite the project so I may not be able to get it all done this year.

    Update December 2010 - got rid of 20ft snowflake and made multi-channels that dance over the entire roof. Moved arches to yard area and added mini trees in between candy canes and put out C6 lights outlining the yard as well.

    Things to do for 2011 - I will be constructing 4 Bi-Colored Arches of White on all - Red, Green, Blue, and Purple with one of each color on seperate arches and will incorporate "Splash Pads" at the base of each

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