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  1. Thank you, The video doesn't do it justice. The snow machines were a great adition this year for the kids. It doesn't snow much down in south west florida. Hehehe. animal
  2. Hey Bill! Finally saw your videos. I know who you are now :). I've watched them this past year. Great Job!

  3. I would like to thank Paul D and his Wife for hosting a wonderful mini here in Florida, it was a great open forum. This was my first attendance and everyone there made my Wife and I feel right at home. It was a great group of people and I was happy to meet everyone. I look forward to future gatherings with more exchanges of great ideas. Again, Thank you to all, animal
  4. Bill is dealing with a medical issue. I need to email him to see how he's doing. A great guy along with his wife. You could have said hello to me in North Port. Maybe next year. Here's video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-2Xrd93Gj8 animal
  5. Hey gmac, I will. I'm in the mitts of a complete overhaul of the website which includes new software and a domain name change. ARRRRRGH!!!!! I will keep the post updated on this. thanks for everyones kind words. animal
  6. Thanks every one. This was my first year with the video wreath, and I've made a few mistakes during the process. I am updateing my web site, and will give full details on the construction. I produce all audio and video myself.This year I will do a better job on the production end. There wasn't alot of time and it was done in a rush. I'll give you some breif specs. This was a rear projection setup. Do to the time frame. I used a $2.89 shower curtain. ( yes I too was surprised at the results) As for th projector. I was able to score on a infocus 865 with 4 brand new bulbs that was being retired
  7. I'm still in decomresion mode. Here's a video showing the mega wreath. http://www.youtube.com/user/pandschristmaslights#p/u/3/X-2Xrd93Gj8 enjoy, animal
  8. Thanks for being so kind. I still have alot to do including finishing up some of the sequences. Looks like I'll have to pull off some over nights. (HAHA I'm invinceable!!!!) I will try to update my web site with all the pictures. I hope I can pull this off. Thanks, animal
  9. OK, First, I would like to thank Wayne from Nevada Christmas for the idea. I made the comitment last year I was going to do this. I never welded before, and I had to fabricate everything with home made jigs. So be kind. In the end. After the garland, 2000 lights, 6 red and green spheres, and a dozen or so strobe lights. It should look pretty good. After about the 30th weld. I was getting the hang of it. HAHA!!!! animal [ATTACH=CONFIG]39326[/
  10. Still in need for at least 8 more of these snowflakes if anyone is willing to give them up. Will buy by the case or any quanity. You can email me at [email protected] http://www.snowflakesinmotion.com/inaction.html thanks, animal
  11. Got mine on friday. Really fast!!!!!. Thank you. animal
  12. Still in need for snowflakes in motion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. email me at [email protected] or leave me a pm. thanks, animal
  13. how many snowflakes in motion. I"ll take them all. Let me Know if you have paypal. 34286 north port florida Bill (animal) email: [email protected]

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