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    Huntington, Indiana
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    I love and collect blow molds.
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    wife, my grown up children, grandchildren, blow molds and Christmas stuff
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    Mine is only static. I love it. Although I don't run a computerized display and don't really plan to, there are still some elements of control to everything. It is a great hobby to get into & we really love to do it. I have been collecting plastic Christmas lawn blow molds since I was 13 years old.

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  1. Awesome Christmas display, Brandon! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Everyone have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Awesome! There is nothing like the old F. W. Woolworth Stores. I loved all those stores.
  4. Those Heller Choir Kids are so cool to look at. Glad you got them for your choir.
  5. Very nice finds. Someone on Facebook is selling the same Vulture right now for $75.00 plus shipping. I really like this Vulture blow mold. It is so awesome!
  6. Karen, That is so awesome. I love it. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Mel, Please tell me who manufactured the sets of photos 3 and 4. Are those Dapol or Union? Thank you!
  8. Awesome find for sure. Very lovely.
  9. Here is a photo I took of the Union Frog the other day as promised. I took this photo with my cell phone. The photo turned out very well. This is a pretty cool little frog.
  10. Yes, I would say it is safe since you got the reliable info from Mel for the 54" Santa.
  11. Tom, Please confirm that it was manufactured by NOMA. Both of mine are marked IRWIN. Thank you!
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