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  1. Mine is about 21' with 2' star and 10' base. It has 108 strings of minis. 36 red 36 clear and 36 green. 36 channels for lights, 6 channel start and 1 channel for strobes. If I was to do the same with LED's I would do the same. I'm just having a hard time with the budget thing. I think I could get just as much wow with a 16' tree using 100cnt LED's up and down and save on the budget. Sometimes bigger isn't always better but my wife likes having the tall tree even though I think it's a PITA to put together.
  2. Thanks for the idea of the CCTV cams. I just might run some cable stubs next year and then put more cams out in the middle of the yard. Not like I don't have enough now but few more probably wouldn't hurt.
  3. You will know if you use the wrong one. It will either be dim or very bright for a very short time.
  4. Where do you get the PVC connector at the bottom of the pole? I use a lot of rebar but these would be good additional support at the bottom.
  5. 32 restrung this year. 12 strings per tree. Bottom to top. Zip tie the first two strings so things stay uniform. Check that of my bucket list. What a PIT...
  6. This is the one I have and it works great. I won't mention how far it will broadcast to avoid avoid any negativity but it will do as little or as much as you need. http://www.fmdxantenna.com/proddetail.php?prod=14tun
  7. Looks nice. Now it needs a star for the top.
  8. I have seen some use painted PVC for structure to mount different things. Just an idea.
  9. If somebody else is buying then I'll take 900 per twig tree. But.............. beings their not I'll take your advice.
  10. I have some of the twig trees from target a few years ago that have 600 of each color. I know Kevin, "Wirekat" did them with 300 nodes and they looked good. I think we will all have to try and see. For me, more is always better except for setup and tear down.
  11. After the 17th I need to get a test order together. No need to bother them until they go back to work. For now I'm dreaming about props that are easy to setup/tear down and easy to store.
  12. The Chinese new year looks to run through 1/17 so I have a few days to relax and dream about something non Christmas related.
  13. Not yet. I just knew that a member ordered single colored wire dumb strings. That member was Steve. I'm so far behind the times I don't even have my display down this year yet.
  14. Yes. The white wire on white trees would look very nice.
  15. I can't find the post but I know of one member that custom ordered dumb strings from Ray with white wire.
  16. This was about three years ago. I havn't forgot.
  17. No. But it was a day that I was thankful to be alive.
  18. I sure have a new respect for that wimpy DC voltage that we are all going to be playing with this year.
  19. My only advise is to get a volt meter and a infrared temperature gauge. The volt meter is used to test voltage, resistance etc. The temp gauge is to see if anything is hot as you should not touch it anywhere while it's on. This sounds like common sense, but crazy things can happen. The reason I say this is I touched the "heat sink" on one and to my -54 volts of DC surprise it was energized. Needless to say these were recycled for good. I have touched 120v AC before but for some reason this was insanely more powerful. Learn from my story and be safe.
  20. The time of day is crucial. Where I live there is about 15 minutes in the morning and the same at dusk where it's just right. The sky needs to be a medium to dark blue. If it's black, you are too late. One thing to notice this year and you can see it on the video attached is as soon as the lights come on the sky gets darker. This was my tip I learned this year that I could start a few minute earlier than I thought because the sky would automatically darken just a bit once the lights started.
  21. My guess is if you are going to buy the commercial brand that LED's might be the better way to go unless you really want the incan look. I know I have some red and green minis that are about 6 years old and are just now starting to look bad.
  22. The chipping is another story however, blue minis are known to be a one year wonder. The only place I have seen them last is indoors.
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