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  1. those are pretty easy to get, the march race is real easy to get face value. I have never had a problem getting tickets for either race. With the economy the way it is, they aren't really selling out quick anymore either.
  2. Me +- 1 would be good to go with this minus a hotel room.
  3. The nightmare that is Sevier County tourism would be a blast for a mini. I am definitely in if ya'll have it there.
  4. I got out my DRZ400 and had a blast. Snow/Ice + Motorcycle + Hooligan = Good times.
  5. merry christmas to you as well sad it's almost time to go back to being normal for another year
  6. I know the Swedes have a goat as a yuletide symbol. Maybe they are swedish? There is a lot of traditions out there that carry over from all the winter solstice celebrations in different cultures.
  7. There's a lot more of us in the area than I thought. Found another guy in Lenoir City across the dam this week. I don't think he is on here though, running LOR.
  8. Yeah, I have gotten to do that several times, the track is awesome. I have been around it in a car without lights as a driver without restriction as well. It's amazing to go full speed there. That banking is just nuts. I have yet to be successful to get my motorcycle in there during Christmas though. I haven't tried with the BMW yet, but they flat out refused to let me go in with my CBR600RR. Probably didn't help I was in full racing leathers though.
  9. Was it just Shadrack? I know my sister went to Bristol Motor Speedway on 12/13 and it was fine.
  10. I'm crying laughing at this, I would totally take down my controllers and lights and bring them to your house if you lived within a 100 mile radius of me just to mess with those people. Christmas spirit is gone from those people. I can't believe she swore at you.
  11. probably put up by a decorating company, most of those are incredibly pricey, especially in a market like Atlanta
  12. Mine is fine solid on, but when the mega tree starts going into some fast sequences, thats when I lose the DSL. If the tree is off, I am fine. I thought about rerouting the phone line in the yard, but I just got my grass to come in, so I am not really wanting to do that.
  13. taybrynn, also find out where your phone line runs into your house from the pole or underground. See if any items of your display are on top of it or near it in the yard. Yours may be a different issue with the power to those landscape lights, but the original poster sounds like they are experiencing the same issue as I describe and have on my DSL.
  14. Your power lines are doing it. Current flow through them is changing quickly during the show and this is interfering with the signal from the em fields.
  15. Did you add anything new on the ground. My mega tree does this. Its from the power switching interfereing with the signal. Be warned you could take out more than just your own.
  16. Yeah it is great for quick fixes, but I don't think someone learning to sequence would enjoy that experience very much.
  17. Vixen is really easy to sequence in and a lot of the same functionality, the difficult part would be a lot more for you to redo your control method and make sure the plugin worked correctly with your LOR equipment. Vixen is also very easy to take with you. The install is minimal and you don't have to have admin privileges to put it on a computer, so I can take it on a thumb drive with me and never have to install it and be able to use it as long as .NET is installed on the comp even on locked down work comps LOL. You could even convert your LOR sequences to Vixen. You should try it out
  18. Working in the power industry, I have a cable UNID label maker. It's similar to the P-touch ones. I use similar labeling as the plant.
  19. You could do it with Vixen. Vixen can control LOR stuff and is available for free. Would be a decent learning tool if someone just wants to see it before they purchase LOR stuff.
  20. For renard group buys, go to doityourselfchristmas.com Those guys know what they are talking about for DIY boards and I am a member there as well (Trip.) I run Renard24s and Renard64s.
  21. I love the nonfading colors of LEDs, but hate the brightness. I wish my blue incans were a bit brighter, but LEDs are just too bright for my taste. We have a solid blue static display in all LED near me and I can't even look at the thing, it's like looking at the sun. Plus $0.60 a string is nice too.
  22. There is a lot of traditions that we have picked up and associated with "christmas" that have nothing to do with the Christian Holiday. Even Christmas is something that was adopted into this time frame that had nothing to do with winter solstice celebrations/traditions predating it. Enjoy your moose and wish your grumpy neighbor a merry christmas. Don't know of any moose songs, but that would be a fun addition.
  23. Any kind of wire frames or display items with metal stakes on that plug going into the ground? Check for cord ends in puddles and such. Unplug anything like that from that power source and see if it is still tripping.
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