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  1. Moved into a new home and have a 21'x54' driveway that is in desperate need of a tunnel of lights! Does anyone have plans they would be willing to share of a sturdy design of driveway arches that are capable of holding lights for a tunnel effect? I have been thinking of using PVC, just want to make sure its sturdy and can hold up to the wind. Any suggestions welcomed!
  2. Has anyone purchased the LED waterfall lights from the LEDlightsite? They run about $181 for blue or white LEDs with an 8 function controller and are 16' feet long ...Has anyone had problems with them?
  3. Thanks...I was trying to find them at a lower price then what those companies sell them for because they usually mark them up a considerable amount (I found them somewhere online a year or two ago for about 1/3 of the price but cannot find the website again).
  4. Does anyone know where to purchase basic 2 channel and 4-channel controllers to do basic animation of wireframes? Most of the sites that sell wireframes sell them for 35-50 bucks a piece, but I know they are much cheaper and I don't want to pay 200% mark-up. The website I looked at earlier had them for 14-20 bucks each but they were sold out. Any ideas would be great, thanks!
  5. Fitz

    Home Depot Leds

    I paid 8 bucks a box, got a few on sale when they did their 3 bucks off sale. Anyhow, I'm planning on giving it a shot trying to take them back. I found multiple other people with the same problem in other parts of the country trying to return them, and the address given for returns ends up being undeliverable. Since I shop frequently at my local HD, I would like to think they would honor a large portion of those lights and credit me out. Ends up being well over 200 bucks! Thank you all for your replies!
  6. Fitz

    Home Depot Leds

    Was just going through about 75 sets of Home Depot LEDs (Home Accents Holiday) I purchased the last two years, and at least 30 sets either don't work at all, half the string is out, or the set is fading. I tried sending them to be returned since there is a 3-year warranty, and my letters and everything were returned undeliverable!! What to do now, am I simply out of luck if the local Home Depot manager won't help me out?? Since I haven't been on here in quite some time, wondering if this has been addressed already by someone on PC?
  7. I picked up a new (to me) Santa on a Harley, it is not flat, but custom made 3D that has mini lights on it already but the wheels are steady on. I want to make them animated like the ones on Christmasdonebright.com Anyone know an easy way to animate them? I thought of just getting a string of motion mini-lights, but I also thought I could use a two point controller as well....ideas?
  8. Fitz

    Any luck so far?

    Definitely going to head on out to the Grove this year and check out your display once you are up and running. Was able to get a few things up this weekend, feeling the time crunch!
  9. Fitz

    Any luck so far?

    Any Oregonians having luck so far with all this rain? Its been a wet start but I've been able to put up lights in the trees and on the house...looking forward to actually being able to drive around this year and look at everyone else's lights (unless of course it snows 16 inches again)! Here's to a good season for all of you!
  10. Just got an email and checked their website, Christmas Done Bright has free shipping this weekend.
  11. I would assume its just like other inflatables...but has one heck of a blower in the bottom!
  12. I did some investigating....the blower is actually at the base of the balloon, its fully contained, and there are tethers all over that thing...at least 6 or 8 of them from what I could see, and it looked like decent rope. The santa is the same one as LOWE's had last year in their little sleigh display...he inflates as well but has a hard plastic face. The basket is made out of plastic material, and is really pretty light.
  13. $149 bucks...not too bad considering the size of the thing, I honestly thought it would be more. I am toying with the idea of somehow making it fly!
  14. I just stopped by my local Home Depot and they had a 15-foot hot air balloon inflatable with Santa in it...it was impressive. Selling for $149 bucks, not too bad considering the rediculous size of this thing. Now I have to figure out where to put it, and if I have to notify the local airport!
  15. Ok...lots of people talking about the new Gemmy Lightshow with MP-3 capability, but does anyone know of any retailers selling them yet? There is also a Deluxe version w/ 12 outlets for up to 1800 watts... I'm not an LOR guy (yet) and would like to pick one of these units up for this year.
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