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  1. I had a few as well, I think its just LEDS in general these days.
  2. I always think about next year when I start putting up lights. I just do a static display but I enjoy it and people seem to like it.
  3. Yeah now I notice inventory is gone 2 weeks before Christmas and I can't find 1 string when I need it.
  4. As much as I prefer a cleaner display and I am not a fan of blow molds or blowups. I think if you could incorporate a little of last years into this years it will look much better. This years looks a little underwhelming compared to last years.
  5. Mu biggest problem to any of these Text Donations is that its always a fixed amount. Sometimes you just want to give a few dollars.
  6. That makes no sense coming during the day.
  7. Awesome, you definitely have one of my favorite displays this year. While I might not like some of your song choices your animation is top notch.
  8. This is one of my favorites from Epcot. Not sure what you could do with it.
  9. Living in NJ and not having power since Monday and losing last weekend to the pending storm i decided yesterday To check my icicles lights running on my generator. Luckily everything worked, so I went on the roof today and hung the lights. It felt good to actually be doing something and now I just need the power to come on to start staging the rest of my lights.
  10. I use only red and green so its about 60% green and 40% red. I will look into the led keeper.
  11. bgraham34

    Led Failures

    I have just about finished testing my strings for the upcoming season. I was amazed that I have had 18 strings that either have completely failed or half the string is out. About 8 of them were from vendors that I purchased here in the last two years. The others were purchased at Walmart or other stores. I only have about 125 - 150 strings in total so the failure rate is pretty high. Is anyone else experiencing high failure rates?
  12. I really wanted to get these last year but the funds were not there. Now you have a sale and I really can't get them. I was hoping to get a few this year and some more next year. Well maybe if my wife can find a job. They look great though.
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