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  1. WOW! Neat-O! But if I had millions and Christmas was my thing (which it is) it better be WOW!!!
  2. Guys those stories or quotes are HILARIOUS! What makes them even better is the fact they are SOOO true!
  3. That stinks. Yeah, I dont get vandals either. They are just a waste of oxygen. Glad your neighbor doesnt blame you.
  4. Congrats Marty! How cool! You deserve it, that is for sure!
  5. I have the BIG light tester also...not 100% impressed with it yet. It ONLY lets you test mini-lights that are in a string no longer than 100 count. It doesnt work well with the Christmas Done Bright animated wireframes (which is why I bought it) and it doesnt disclose any of that info on their website! For $150 they should disclose it ALL! Just a little aggrevated I suppose.
  6. I installed my garage door cover yesterday. It DOES allow you to use your garage still with NO problems...genius!
  7. My lights are up and running! I beat the rain! Happy Thanksgiving!!
  8. WOW! Now that is a HALLOWEEN house! Good job goes to whomever lives there!
  9. Hi Tim! I just purchased mine! Thanks!
  10. Yes, I actually spoke to her yesterday. She took my product input which was mostly: 1. Can they add a jack for us to hook up our transmitters to, so that we dont have to do "surgery" on the machine in order for us to hook them up. 2. Why did they produce a DELUXE version only to decrease the wattage. She said that they probably did that since a normal household plug can only handle around 1440 watts. (that is what she stated) 3. I had purchased the DELUXE version from Costco, but I actually sold it to someone else. I decided not to connect to both machines. So, I didnt even ask the re
  11. I bought a Kill-A-Watt meter today. YEAH!
  12. Hi! I have a Mr. Christmas and I love it. The old one (one from QVC last year) ran 18,000 watts or 300 watts per plug with 20 songs. ($100 last year) The new DELUXE model from Costco this year has 40 songs, but only allows 14,400 watts or 250 watts a plug. For around $77. Walmart, Garden Ridge etc sells the model a model with 14,400 watts but with 20 songs. For around $90 dollars. You can run any lights, C9, C7, icicle, mini's. Does that help?
  13. Ok, the verison of the Mr. Christmas I bought last year with QVC is 1800 watts with 20 songs. I do not know the manufacturer b/cuz the box didnt say. The DELUXE one from Costco is GE, b/cuz it says it clearly on the box. It says its wattage is 1440 but with 40 songs. Neither Mr. Christmas COMES with the transmitter hook-up...you have to take the machine apart to make it work with a FM Transmitter. You can buy the transmitters from Marty in Utah. Here is his web address: http://christmasutah.com/FMtransmitters.html From what I have found, you cannot buy a transmitter from a compa
  14. Hey guys! I just went to Costco and they JUST put out the DELUXE Mr. Christmas version. I ran home and opened the box. I tried plugging in my FM30 Transmitter, hoping it would produce sound, and I got nothing! (I plugged the FM30 into the little hole on the back "for store display only".) After I let out a big UGH sigh I called the Mr. Christmas help line, number is on the front of the manuel. I spoke with a lady who told me that the rear jack is for the store to use to connect to another piece of something. Basically to prevent theft will displaying the item. We, the consume cannot buy any
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