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  1. Thanks! But that's a 2010 video. I would recommend checking out this last season's stuff: http://gordonlights.com/Videos/2011.asp Fabian
  2. Wow, how do simple questions escape simply being answered? Phil was the only one close to actually answering the original question. Stickybombs: Yes, you can drive RGB pixel strings using LOR controllers. Quite well, in fact, as the LOR DC controller makes a very reasonable, well supported 16 channel PWM controller that works with both LOR and DMX protocols. However, as Phil pointed out there are some load considerations to keep in mind. Related to the LOR DC controller: Each channel maxes out at 4A. So, theoretically you could run the RED pixels on string 1 out to about 200 nodes
  3. What sequencing software are you using?
  4. Gordon Lights is a Stellascapes reseller. You can contact me at [email protected] or via telephone at 210-48-LIGHT (210-485-4448) and I will gladly provide you with the answers to your questions. Regards, Fabian Gordon
  5. LED Retro bulbs have come a long way. I have spent thousands over the years looking for a bulb that would pass the abuse test. Manufacturers from all over the world kept sending me bulbs to test out and the results were never posititive. Oh, some came close, but not close enough. In 2008 a vendor sent me a new C9 retro to run through my "LED KILLER" testing, and I was very impressed. The manufacturer of those bulbs was Minleon. In fact, I was the one that created this video 3 years ago: The examples in the video used Cool White C9 bulbs and Light-O-Rama hardware and software.
  6. During any given season we'll have at least a dozen or so rabbit/wire related incidents. This year in particular I think they sent out Spec-Ops rabbits, because they knew enough to chew through at the base of the bulb instead of between them so I could fix them. This year, about 2 weeks into the setup we tried something new that my neighbor recommended. It's called Rabbit-Scram. That stuff is awesome, but not cheap. While putting the stuff down three rabbits, that weren't even near me, popped out and took off. I didn't even know they were there. We're now stocked up on the stuff. Yo
  7. Gordon Lights is a Stellascapes partner/reseller. The StellaSpark product is not shipping just yet. If you want to be contacted when a ship date has been announced, or for all other product related information, please contact me at [email protected] If you include a phone number I will gladly return the call and we can discuss your needs. I will always confirm receipt of your message. Fabian
  8. Gordon Lights presents over 125,000 Christmas lights synchronized to "Welcome Christmas" by the cast of the hit show Glee. Gordon Lights uses hardware and software from multiple partners, including Light-O-Rama, Stellascapes, and Madrix, as well as custom hardware and lights designed by Fabian Gordon.
  9. Gordon Lights presents over 125,000 Christmas lights synchronized to "Joy to the World" by the Go Fish. Gordon Lights uses hardware and software from multiple partners, including Light-O-Rama, Stellascapes, and Madrix, as well as custom hardware and lights designed by Fabian Gordon.
  10. Gordon Lights presents over 125,000 Christmas lights synchronized to "The Army Song" by the U.S. Military Academy Band. Gordon Lights actively raises funds in support of Operation Homefront. For more information about Operation Homefront, please visit http://wwww.OperationHomefront.NET/Texas. Gordon Lights uses hardware and software from multiple partners, including Light-O-Rama, Stellascapes, and Madrix, as well as custom hardware and lights designed by Fabian Gordon.
  11. Though we've never really done any kind of "display" for Easter in the past, this year we decided to use our permanently-installed, GordonLights-designed RGB floods to create a 3 minute loop that rotates through "Easter-themed" colors. The sequence was downloaded into a LOR DC controller, which runs the lights every night with a more "standard" sequence. Believe it or not there were cars stopping across the street to watch the colors change! We didn't expect that! The photo quality isn't that great, sorry, but I think you get the idea. Fabian
  12. Would you happen to have any photos of them while in use?
  13. I use them for all kinds of things that need to be enclosed. Budget $18 at this point - actual pricing varies with certain market conditions as they exist at the time the order is locked in. Last year came in at about $17.50. Fabian
  14. Actually I do an annual large (group) purchase of Primex P-136 enclosures (http://primex.ca/large_products/telecom/enclosures/P136.htm). The ones I get are the same form factor as the ones LOR and D-Light sells, but they are not made with the fire-retardent material, just straight-up PVC. I'm not interested in a debate over the differences - I'm buying what I'm buying 'cause that's what I use. I've never advertised this before outside my local (Texas) area because I didn't think the reshipping costs would make the deal worthwhile, but if there's enough need in geographically concentrated
  15. Actually, in every metal-case AT/ATX power supplies I've come across the case itself is tied to ground, which is tied to the black output wires as well. So it should tie to both neutral and ground on the supply side. Fabian
  16. OK, I admit it. I so miss having a basement... Nice work, BTW! Fabian
  17. Yes, everything is referenced to ground in an AT/ATX power supply, so in theory you can connect one lead to the +12V and another to the -12 and you'll get 24VDC. HOWEVER, the amperage rating on the -12V rail is generally .8 - 1.0 Amps, WAY less than the +12V rail. Assuming you're driving them to 80% max (mainly to keep the unit from overheating), your new 24 volt power supply is capable of .64 Amps. Really not much of a deal. I haven't looked at the MM circuit board up close, but given how cheap CAT5 tends to be I'm curious how much work it would be to split the circuit into two 12V cir
  18. OK, that's funny. It's also precisely the reason I designed my floods to run off 5V. Most of the PC supplies in my stockpile deliver an impressive amount of amperage on that rail. And everyone that knows me knows I "collect" them, and they'll stop being my friends if they don't pull the supply out of the computer before they throw it out. Heck, I might start giving them away at some point. Wait, I already have... There's lots of ways to skin this cat folks. Some more elegant than others, some more cost effectively than others, some neither of the above. But does that REALLY matter?
  19. I own two of those bad boys. I paid a little less ($229 I think for the second one) at Buy.com at the time but Amazon has a slightly better price today. For the money it's a really good unit. Fabian
  20. Oh, and here's a photo of three of my son's friends hauling up the top section of the tree (with the star pre-attached)... Fabian
  21. Yeah, I love those PVC frames - ALL 21 of them! One point of clarification, though, my half mega trees are all steel construction, not PVC (see attached photos). I am personally not a big fan of PVC trees 'cause I can't climb up them like these. Fabian
  22. Are you wanting to light up all the sections at the same time or do you want them individually controlled?
  23. I use two half-mega trees in my setup. There are some effects you can't do with this setup that you can with a full mega, but I haven't gotten any complaints... http://www.vimeo.com/album/167224/video/8771928 If you watch starting at about 2:18 you'll see that, with the right technique, it's possible to make even a half mega tree alomost look like it is a full cone. At least I get that comment alot. Fabian
  24. I also have a 25B that was never really used for anything. It was originally supposed to be a backup transmitter but I ended up owning 4 transmitters and never put the 25B into service. I'll offer it up for the same price ($135) plus actual shipping costs. Fabian UPDATE - I have two offers on this unit, so I'm considering it sold for now. Thanks!
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