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  1. I have some RiteTime enclosures that I'm looking to sell. They are new and still in the original packing. Any bidders?
  2. Call me a bit "out of the loop", but I haven't been on PC much this summer. What's up with Tim and buyinflatables.com? It seems that he doesn't have much on his site anymore and I see new 2008 Gemmy inflatables popping up all over ebay.
  3. Hey - if anybody can get me a new or used Light Flurries projector I will gladly trade some Rite Time boxes. I've got a couple of cases of them stashed in my garage. Send me a message if interested.
  4. From everyone's input I think I want the actual Light Flurries brand. I need one for a "Christmas in July" weekend coming up soon!!!
  5. Are they any good? All I've seen are the actual Light Flurries brand.
  6. Anybody know where I can get a Light Flurries? I looks like everyone is sold out? I'll even take a used one if someone is looking to get rid of one.
  7. I see that everyone uses a different size of LED's. I'm switching over from regular oldminis to LED's - should I stick to the LED minis that look like my old lights?
  8. Ok, let's cut right to it.... Where is the best place to buy LED's? Best price per string, longest strings, best quality? Thanks.
  9. Anyone have an extra roll of green spt-1 wire they can spare to sell? Action Lighting is out. John
  10. Ok Ok..... calm down....here's the story! My neighbors got on my nerves so bad this year, so while I was taking stuff down I posted it on Craigslist for 4k.The fact that my wife always helped me and this year shehad to watch the new baby made it take even longer. I actually forgot about it on Craigslistuntil Rich called me tonight! Now, would I sell if someone offered me the money....I say probably yes, but then again nobody has come close.I do havesomething else in the works that I could use the cash for. John
  11. I did not forget!!! A big THANK YOU toeveryone who donated to help me rebuild my display after the vandalism last year. It's thegenerosity of people likeyou that make the world go round. The display was a re-success for 2006 and many years to come! John
  12. UPDATE 11/29/06 6pm. I talked with the Chief of Police today. He confirmed that my neighbor made a complaint but also told me that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I found out that this guy has also written a letter to the town selectmen trying to get me shut down. I called the secretary for the selectmen and she conformed that also. Shewas well aware of who I am and advised me to submit a letter to the selectmen in response to the neighbors letter, that way they can be read at the same time. Again, the selectmen posted a $500 reward last year, so I am hopefully they will tell this guy to
  13. This is long - but worth the read. I got home today and there was a note in my door asking me to call someone. Well, I called and the guy down the street said he doesn't like the traffic in our neighborhood, bla bla bla. He asked me why I didn't "inform him" what I was doing. I replied that I didn't think I had to. I tried to understand his concerns but told him I wasn't breaking any laws.I told him I have been working closely with the police and they have been on extra patrols in the neighborhood because of last years problems with vandalism. I also told him that I was the one trying to ge
  14. WOW! I guess I started a pretty good topic! Keep up the good work - I've got a few more ideas on what to do with these. John
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