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  1. I might be able to help you as I have an extra dongle... but call me first. I sent you email also..
  2. It's been hectic here almost every night. Been having lots of fun with our 60,000 light display this year. Completed the DVD and delivered it to several Children's Hospitals for children to enjoy. In addition to the 800+ children here in Atlanta at 4 locations, we extended out and sent DVDs (through my elves) to Durham, NC; Kansas City, KS; Miami, FL; Houston, TX; Columbus, OH; and Savannah, GA. We should approach 2000+ this year. For more details, pictures, and videos , see www.facebook.com/alhopper Next week we plan to get out and see some of the displays. Happy Holidays!
  3. The links I initially provided ONLY work from the myspace page so I deleted them. Go to the first blog on myspace.com/alhopper and it will work. Thanks so much for telling me about this. Regards, Al
  4. We primarily put together our light show for the children's enjoyment, but suddenly realized that it's impossible for hospitalized children to view it. We then arranged to have the 16-song, 45-minute show videotaped in Blue-Ray quality DVDs and made arrangements with our 3 local childrens hospitals to have them optionally transmit the recorded video into the rooms of all of the children multiple times a day on a specific channel shown on their room's TVs. Although alot of work, I can't wait to see their faces... and their happiness. Just thought some of you might want to consider doing that
  5. We sure had fun with this !! NBC 11-Alive Christmas Display Winner!! 1st 2008 Award presented .... And, later that same morning they shot this video. More details updated frequently on http://www.myspace.com/alhopper
  6. It is not necessary to be a MYSPACE member to view the videos. But, the site gets alot of traffic and is delayed at times... be patient, it will work eventually. You can also view the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVlkn8bCLCQ Enjoy, Al
  7. We've had our display up since Thansksgiving and it's worked very well. We've been enjoying the happy faces and dancing that the kids do when the see it. I can't tell you how happy I am to have this all done Many thanks to several locals that helped out- especially Larry Cupp for providing several blow molds, 1000's of lights, and guidance. For right now, I've released just one video. After BlueRay DVDs are made, I'll post all of them as time permits. See blog, video, and pictures at http://www.myspace.com/alhopper I'll be trying to visit as many local display as I can... still
  8. Hi, Does anyone have 10+ boxes of the LED Icicle lights that were sold in Home Deport last year? They look like icicles hanging... made of some sort of plastic crystal pieces about 6" long. There is only 25 lights per box. I can use several boxes. Please PM me with any offers. We have UPS account for billing the shipping. Regards, Al
  9. I offered to buy ALL of the lights AND some extension cords and never received any replies or calls.... phone numbers were provided. Sure is strange to me... but that's ok-- I bought thousands locally from a very nice guy. I guess I was expecting something like "thank for you responding" or "I've decided not to sell them to you" or "the items have been sold, thanks for responding". It's no big deal, but a little common courtesy would not hurt anyone.
  10. Hi y'all This is out first year building a display and no one told us how much work it was going to be! We sure have learned alot from everyone. We started our controller design in January and finished it just last month- see pictures and video at www.myspace.com/alhopper We finished 13 windows using the Window Wonder product and are actively buidling the roof lighting structures, leaping lights,and mega tree... We will have 128 active Light-O-Rama channels and about 25,000 lights- give or take 10,000- LOL! Looking forward to meeting all of you someday. I was wondering if anyone e
  11. Hello, PM sent.. interested in the lights.
  12. He and his family will definitely be in our prayers tonight. No one that young should pass away doing a XMAS display. Please God, rest his soul in infinite peace. Al
  13. It's terrible when people do not let children enjoy the displays. I can only imagine seeing something like this when I was young.
  14. Still need several boxes of LEDs. If anyone had any, please send PM. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the all of the help... Checked out the Hobby Lobby here- lots of lights but not on sale yet. Manager told me to check the Sunday ads to see the specials of the week as these might go on sale.
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