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    Port St Lucie, Florida, USA
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    Graduated from Ft Pierce Central High in 1988 and entered the Marine Corps for 3 years. Went to boot camp at Paris Island and was stationed at MCAS Tustin, CA (just south of LA). I married my high school sweetheart in 1990 - the best thing I have ever done.
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    Having fun with the wife and kids, model rocketry with my son, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, computers and networking (both computers and individuals)
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    Business Analyst
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    This will be my first year animating. I never really had the opportunity to put lights up as a child, but would always get mom and dad to drive around looking to them.

    I have really only decorated the outside of the house (our first home) once. Now that the kids are older (son is 10 and daughter is 7) we have decided to leap into it this year. 128 channels.
  1. Roger - I would be interested in learing what and how you accomplished this. If you can, please drop any detailed information that you have on this as I am very interested.
  2. When I wanted to find out information or learn about RGB just like you, I found Holiday Coro to have very good information. Here is the link to his video's. They will answer questions for you and cause you to have more questions. Overall, they are very useful. http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=15
  3. OK - I have to ask this question, but let me tell you what is going on first. My mother in law wants to have Thanksgiving together as a family in the Carolina's renting a cabin. This would be for the entire Thanksgiving week and returning on the Saturday after. The only problem with this is that I would have to have my entire display put up and ready to run the week prior to leaving for the trip. This allows for many things. 1 - kids in the area have been known to vandalize things. 2 - my display would be up and unatended to for a week with no one at my house. So the question is this - would you take the risk to have your display up and no one around the house for a week? Help me decide what to do please
  4. I will also bring my RGB modules that I ordered from Holiday Coro - this is only a test set just to see how they look.
  5. I know it is kind of late notice - but I will be there - bringing my son, friend and his son as well - Total of 4 Can't wait.
  6. Bob - I have sent you a PM on your request. I will not be doing a show this year - 1 major project during this time of year is enough. I have that project already as my wife is expecting our third child January 1st.
  7. You know, the Lord works in mysterious ways. He wanted me to take the year off for some reason, now I know why. Last week we found out the my wife - Maria - is pregnant. She is about 9 or 10 weeks along. This puts the delivery in late December or early January. The Lord knew that there was no way I could do two major projects around the house without faltering on one of them, so he made sure that I would be able to devote my time to getting things ready for the baby and being there for my wife 100%. I will be back next year bigger and better. Can't wait to show our Christmas lights to our new baby.
  8. Thanks Bill. The family has stated that it won't be the same this year. But they do understand the reason.
  9. Not sure. I know it will seem strange to not have the show, but I also think it would be even stranger to see just a few trees. Besides, what would they do?
  10. It is a hard decision, but I have decided to take this year off. The wife and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary and will be taking our vacation late in the year. Also we would like to start applying some money to the landscape of the yard. This time off will allow me to do several things around the house, as well as to save (hopefully) some money to add additional items for next year. Don't worry - I am not getting out - just taking a year off
  11. If you are looking for flower easels to make into mini trees, let me know. I have a contact at a local funeral home that says he can get me almost all that I want, big and small. If there is an interest in these, I will check into the shipping costs and do what I can to assist other PC members.
  12. I agree - go with North Poles. I have 51 of them outlining the entire perimeter of my corner lot. If you would like some information on how I did them, send me a PM with your email address and I will forward some information to you. View my video's of last year to see them in action (warning - some of the video is not the best due to cheap camcorder with limited controls) Better video to be uploaded and complete website re-design this year.
  13. Well if any of you find yourself with an abundant amount of lights that you will not be using this year, feel free to share with others that are in areas of less fortune (no lights to be found in any Wal-Mart 2 weeks prior to Christmas) I can be reached at [email protected] if you would like to sell any of your New Red, Green or Clear Wal-Mart minis.
  14. I probably already know the outcome to this thread but just had to post it anyway. I am looking to buy Wal Mart 100 count Red and Green mini's on green wire. I will take any number of boxes that can be found. I will pay actual shipping cost to 34953. If you have some please send me a PM. Our Wal Mart stores have been out of lights since before Christmas. Any help in locating these would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Just broke the 30,000 light threshold this year. 128 channels of LOR Holdman Star 51 North Poles (outline of corner lot) 12' semi Mega Tree (8 channels ea of Red, Green and White) 28 mini trees 1 Leaping Arch Red, Green and White for the whole house 900 lights around each window (300 of each color) 474 SW Pea Ct Port St Lucie FL if you are in PSL, you will want to take Darwin Blvd south to Becker Rd as Becker Rd is closed at PSL Blvd.
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