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  1. Could we clone Chuck and sell the clones?
  2. Got mine for Halloween. I will get another for Christmas! Thanks
  3. I'm a saleman for Kelloggs and last week they were pulling everything. I asked the store manager what they were doing with it. and she said giving it to non profit groups. My wife is a youth pastor at our church, I told her we have a thift store/ 2 days later 8 pallets of lights, trees, bulbs all kinds of stuff. I know if I need any I can get them cheap.
  4. I bought 6 cases and the ones I opened They only had 2 replacement bulbs. I only open a few boxes!
  5. Rod Evans

    Kmart 90% off

    Went to Kmart this morning and they are now 90% off. I bought all the Led's that they had. 7,000 now after Christmas.
  6. They were 90% off today! Got every LED they had.
  7. I have 16 total. PC count 422
  8. It was 80 today, hottest in the country. I want some cold. please send some down here.
  9. Neil Monkman and I made the paper. It has been a great night, with a ton of cars and Christmas spirt. My son has pass out candy canes for hours. They put a map out and the traffic went crazy. Thanks Neil for all the help. I want to be like Neil! http://www.news-press.com/article/20081219/LIFESTYLES/81218080/1054/ENT&referrer=NEWSFRONTCAROUSEL
  10. Looks real sharp. I wish I had that in my display.
  11. Very nice! You did Richard proud i'm sure.
  12. That looks cool! Do you think it would look the same in the sand at the beach here?
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