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    My wife and I have always enjoyed Christmas. Since I found Planet Christmas it's the most wonderful time of the year everyday.
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    Hobbies. Who has time for hobbies, I'm sequencing. I guess thats my hobby.
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    We were just going to do 1 controller in 2008 but ended up with 2. We ended up adding a mega tree to the display. For 2009 we will have 5 controllers and 80% of the display will be LEDs.
  1. I have some CDI LED strobes I purchased 3 or 4 years ago. I did a search and see that preheating them for 10 seconds at 20% would put them into a random flash quicker. I've tried that and even went to 30 seconds preheating at 20% but it still take 10 seconds for them to begin flashing at random. I thought about upping it to 25 or 30% preheat but I don't really want to burn them out. Any great ideas guys? Thanks Greg
  2. I think your refering to he light keeper pro. You can find them at www.lightkeeperpro.com. Or Amazon has them for around $11.00. Or if you wait a couple of months Lowes will have them. Greg
  3. I agree that these are great covers. I've had mine for 2 years and they still look new. Just be sure to get them early because he sells out. Greg
  4. I used 3/4 pvc on my arches with 15" segments. I used 2 sets of 70 count LEDs and it's probably a little to much. I should have used 100 count. Greg
  5. If the fire works here are what you are looking for you can find them at 1866palmtree.com. http://www.lightazmic.com/2010_Videos.html Greg
  6. Thanks to everyone that responded. I have some good suggestions to work with. Greg
  7. Between this and what you went through last year I hope your Christmas display disasters are done. Greg
  8. I'm a copier. Mega tree, Z tree, chasing mini trees, shooting stars, fireworks display. None were my idea but all are in my show. Greg
  9. I'm planning on moving 3 controller to my roof next year and wanted to see how some of you do that. If you have pictures it would be great. Right now I was thinking about building a couple of frames out of 2X4s but thought there might be some better ideas. Its a tile roof if it makes a difference. Thanks, Greg
  10. I'm looking for information on a tree that a couple of the PC members have built that have 3 colors and 6 channels per color. The sequencing goes up and down the tree instead of around the tree. I thought that they were call a Z tree but my searches come up empy. What are they called and where can I get some information on how they built them? Merry Christmas Greg
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