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    A Childs Christmas in Wales
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    I am alive and feeling good about it!
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    Decorating, thrill seeking (skydiving, thrill rides, bungee jumping) and doing what I can to succeed in life
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    Christmas Fanatic
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    well I don't have one at the moment but hope to remedy that soon!!!

    I do custom sequencing using LOR software and have been doing this now for 3 yrs going on my fourth year!

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  1. Scott send me a message and I'll try to help ya out.
  2. I am good for whenever - I've been in the planning mode since mid December last year and have finalized my display layout and am in the process of getting everything ordered.
  3. It's always possible if you are willing to learn and do your best. The only person who knows if something isn't perfect will be you. We might catch it but eh that happens too ! If you are ever up in the Hutchinson area, do let me know. I can show you what I have and how I do it. I've done programming for a few years now and really going to dive into new fun things next year.
  4. Welcome and i can only say have fun. This is not ment to be a competition, a race to who has the most or best, or anything. It's to enjoy the lights and to make others smile. We have a small gathering of like minded people in Wichita every summer and we talk about the good things from the year before, the not so good things and then the down right ugly things. We do this so we can help each other and learn from others experiences. We talk about ideas we have that we might be getting stumped on and collaborate with the others and they might have suggestions on how to finish the project. You have found something that can truly be fun but you must not let yourself fall into the it's more work than fun category. If you aren't happy doing it then don't. The hours planning, prepping, planning some more, building, sequencing, setting up, straightening out, fixing as you go make for many headaches and frustration. But when you see the smiles on kids and adults' faces alike and thank you's, everything you endured to that point seems to fade away. Christmas is magical and we make it even more so with setting lights to music which to a small child is as magical as Santa. Always around to talk as I do breath Christmas every day of the year. Lyman
  5. Have been working on next year for the past week. Really has been the first time to actually think about anything so it was on the 2013 display. I'm switching everything to RGB elements and am working to find everything and get it all priced and then work on making sure I have everything and no surprises. Then next step is building it all and getting the sequencing done. Will be fun!
  6. would love to see some of the guys from the Wichita area going to this. I know Mel is going but could we get a list of who all has registered?
  7. I moved into the house I live in now at the beginning of January so the good neighbors around me have no clue of what will happen this Christmas! Now in the past I have written a note to neighbors telling them of what I do, what to expect in regards to traffic and if they have any questions comments or concerns to contact me. I'm not sure if I want to do this again or not. How do any of you work with neighbors to keep the peace and make it where they too can enjoy the display along with you?
  8. Sorry but I have to work - our District Manager is coming by with some other important people from the corporate office so all Management must be there at 11. Wish I could have made it. Have fun without me!
  9. Ok both guys from hutch won't be able to make it, and looks like there is a small chance I won't be able to make it myself due to something happening at work. I will know last minute if I will be able to make it down.
  10. The 2 guys I have indeed told. One will not be able to make as he has is lawn care business and he is already hard at work with all the lawns and how early things have taken off. The other guy just don't know. I will talk and see what he thinks. He might be moving and downsizing so not sure what will come of that. But I'll let them both know again tomorrow
  11. Well the 7th won't work for me. She will be out of town that weekend so I guess ya'll will have to have fun without me. And she just called me and said that it worked better if she had Sunday off and I could have Saturday. Crazy! So I'm in for the 7th!
  12. For some reason it double posted my comment so I deleted this one..... sorry
  13. Mark -Everyone one of us was new to this at some point and we welcome you and your brother with open arms and are glad you are part of the decorating community! We all learn as we go and most of us will be able to help you with how not to do something, ways to do something easier, better, and the nice thing about the small group that we usually have come to Steve's house is a mix of Animated Lighting and LOR guys. So plenty of info for both and I am more than willing to help with any thoughts. I will bring over my donation container that I've been working on and some of my drawings for one of my ideas for this years display. I still don't know if I will do it, but the thought is still there and on the fringe of being a reality for the 2012 display. I will go in and request that day off. I will just tell the other manager that it's important. She'll work with me on that!
  14. I will ask the other manager about the 7th - I don't personally see a problem but she might be doing something regarding her family party they have in May.
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