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  1. I officially started the show last night (sat 12-1-18) and all went well. It was a great evening with temps in the high 30s/low 40s and no rain. Had about 25-30 cars over 6 hour period; not bad. I'm sure most of them were local. The new MegaTree being 22ft fits nicely into the display. Going from 128 channels to 196 definitely makes sequencing a bit more time consuming.
  2. Temp today in my area was around 55 deg at the high point.
  3. OK, for the 2018 setup season, the weather here has been stellar. Today I had to put on sunscreen for the first time ever before heading out to the yard.
  4. Hey Paul, Awesome !!! You have really upgraded the show. The singing bulbs are fantastic and the RGB and strobes have been nicely incorporated. I was impressed with the video, so I'm sure it will be even better in person. I will definitely swing by and check it out. Great Job !! -Darin
  5. Hey everybody, It's been over a half decade since I posted in this forum. I know there are a bunch more Oregonians with huge/fantastic Christmas displays. How have you all been doing? It's funny how the more frequent, recent poster to the Oregon forum is zman from Washington state. I have my Forest Grove based display back in operation after a 2 year absence. -Darin
  6. Mark, Kevin and Gang. Thanks soooo much ! That was the best CLAP to date. I really enjoyed getting re-energized after taking a year off. Sara, Thanks for the controller; you know it went to a great home. It was great seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. -Darin
  7. Any metal display elements touching or stuck into the ground will act as a grouding rod and do the same thing as having lights laying on the ground. This goes especially for any wireframes and those tomato cage mini trees. Every connection should be elevated above the ground and you can simply let the water flow through with no issue. (use lot's of those little green plastic stakes) Removing GFIs is kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" type of thing and would probably need to be under the "Rogue Practices" and not the "Best Practices" forum.
  8. djmille

    Anybody here ?

    Hey Gang, Is everybody ready to flip the switch? I'm about 3 days behind because of the exciting weather and after last night, I will be re-installing a few items. The wind must have been well over 50 mph in the area west of Portland. -Darin
  9. Hey Washington friends; It's good to see some display setup progress. The Oregon message board was too quiet so I eves dropped on you guys. -Darin
  10. Nice press coverage ! Way to keep the bottom half of the state lit up.
  11. Anything you can do to insulate your mini-tree shaped grounding rod from the ground will help. I have a 4" rule on any type of light string in proximity to the ground. The cage trees are better when the bottom rung is left in place, but it's still metal and it touches the ground. I have used worn out sections of garden hosed split lengthways down the middle and pressed over the bottom metal ring. Then you can put stakes over the top of the ring without metal to metal contact. Mini trees, wire frames, and aluminum stakes are all nothing more than different shapes of grounding rods; th
  12. Anybody used the great weather in NW Oregon to test out their GFI's circuits? I have never had more problems than last night. Over 1/3 of my display was dark. I was outside until after midnight trying to troubleshoot. It turned out to be cumulative leakage by a multitude of channels causing GFIs to trip. Every connection is elevated from the ground and there's not much more I can do. I'm thinking the ultra wet tree bark is providing areas for current leakage to ground. Ahhhh;; Frustrating
  13. Dave, Too bad you're so far away! We'd like to come down and check out your display. Good Job on keeping Southern Oregon Lit UP !!! -darin
  14. Paul, Great work once again. I drove buy your display on the way home the other night. It looks like the Blue C9 LEDs were new? I usually tune in the radio on my way to work to catch daytime Zara radio stuff. It seems to work pretty good. -Darin
  15. Yeah, that's the Planet Christmas rule #2 "You can never have too many extension cords" Rule #1 is "You can never have too many lights" They kind of work together !
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